heredity in Fibro??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kirbycat, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. kirbycat

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    I have fibro. Still looking for treatment options. I have been sick for 1 year, sounds like forever for me, but hearing others, I'm brand new!!
    I have a question for everybody. My sister (5yrs older) has been estranged from our family for 16 years. We have known nothing of her in all this time. I have recently found out that she also has fibro. Does this run along family lines (I didn't think so)? I think she was diagnosed just prior to mine. Also, our father had rheumotoid arthritis. anyone have anything on this? Are there any connections. We have another sister who is fine but for a touch of arthritis, osteo.
  2. IntuneJune

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    My mother was never diagnosed, I'm 62, so FMS was "not around" then!

    Thinking back, I think she had it.

  3. hi there,
    i was asked at my anti natal appointment (many years ago now)if anyone in my family has,or had,rheumatic fever.

    i told the nurse that my mum was struck down with rheumatic fever when she was 14 years mum had told me the story about it,that it was 1940.she had woken up with a very high tempreture,and couldnt move a muscle.was totally stiff in her body.

    my gran wasnt able to afford to send for a doctor,because in those years people had to pay for a doctor,and many people were poor and going through world war i think there was no free nhs back then.

    mum then went onto have very heavy periods,and used to pass out,she also said she got many boils on her legs in those early years.

    at age 24 she developed migraine headaches,and i saw those wrist swellings and swellings just above the ankle bone.i have those too.and at a pain management course i attended last year,the physio said these swellings are because our tendons in our fingers and toes are inflamed.

    mum had five children.the first born a son,was born with a hole in the heart,and was operated on in the 1960s to repair the was one of the first operations of its kind in the uk back then.he,s now in his middle 50s,but suffers with diabetes and failing health.

    mum had another son,i think he has fibro,but his doctor hasnt actually said this is so,and just gives him anti inflamatory pills.

    after mum had me,she had another daughter who was born with spina bifida and sadly died aged 11 month old.

    mums last child a daughter,doesnt have the migraines,but has everything else that we have.her doctor hasnt said its fibro,and just says to her,face your past childhood insecurities,get counciling,and you will get well.

    my sister fights her illness and does have the total body crash that we have,but she wont except her illness so is severly depressed.

    id sure enough say that fibro does run in families,but i remain uncertain that ME/chronic fatigue syndrome does.i never noticed my mum with ME symptoms,but the fibro,yes.

    i think to this day,that i caught a virus while having a total hysterectomy operation in 1995,because then im told ive got ME.i certainly didnt have it prio to my op.

    kind regards

    ps,if the migraine headaches, and the eye sight problems are due to the ME,then id say that my mum must have suffered from ME,but if im right in my thinking,i think its the fibro that causes us to have the migraines and eyesight probs.

    xx fran
  4. blueski31717

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    My daughter has all of the symptoms too.
  5. SusanEU

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    My two aunts had it.

  6. berley

    berley New Member

    Hi, I dont know if it is able to travel through families or not, but both of my daughters have similar symptoms that I also have.

  7. zoya

    zoya New Member

    Hi all, I'm new here but have already found this board to very informational! I have 4 children. Of those, my second daughter (age 20)has displayed signs of CFS for about 5 years and my youngest son (18) has exibited signs of FM since he was about 11. All 5 of us suffer from Migrains, though mine and my daughter's are the kind that last for days and grow and wane in intensity. My sons have the kind that hit you hard at once and they sleep it off. Anyway, I've wondered for a while if I've cursed my children with this...sounds like a good possibility.

    Does anyone know if there's been any studies regarding this topic?
  8. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Me, my mother, brother, and sister have it. My niece is showing signs (she's 19), my son complains of pains, gets fatigueds easily among other things.

    It is most likely hereditary.

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