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  1. Nanie46

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    Hi Everyone,

    I was reading on the Public Health Alert site and saw info on a program called "Prescription Hope".

    It is an organization in Columbus, OH, founded in 2001, to help low income people who cannot afford their prescription medications.

    It said the only cost is $7 per month per prescription.

    You can read more at or you can call toll free 877-296-4673 to apply.

    Maybe someone on this board uses this program and can provide some feedback.
  2. cmt49829

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    great info. so glad you shared it.
    the cost of meds is UNreal these days.
  3. gmom605

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  4. tut90

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    Florida’s Discount Drug Card For Low-Income Families, Individuals, and Persons 60 Years and Older.

    This is their site

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    This organization netted $820,000 last year...they are making lots of money filling out paperwork for individual patient assistance programs. The very same rules and forms are located for free at They are not that difficult to understand and most healthcare providers will assist in the process.

    Hope that helps!
  6. ladonnajones

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    I would like to comment on Prescription Hope. I am getting my medication through Prescription Hope. Yes it is true people are able to do paperwork themselves but when I tried to apply to two different Pharmaceutical companies I was denied by both, it was an absolute mess trying to get enrolled in their programs and I could not imagine trying to keep up with staying enrolled. I found Prescription Hope and I decided to let the professionals that deal with these companies every day take care of all the red tape for me. The good thing is they only charge $7 a month do all the paperwork for me, so to me it is an awesome program and I would recommend it to anyone.
  7. dragon06

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    When I needed to use the drug companies assistance programs before my husband was working I went to each site myself and did the paperwork myself and found that it was quite easy. Each one had to be signed by your doc but I just did them all and brought them in at my appointment and she signed them all at once.

    For the drugs that did not have assistance programs I used a company called RX Outreach (they actually dispense the medications and mail them to you) and there was a fee that was like $20 for a 3 month supply of the med you needed...I know there was a higher fee of like $30 for name brand meds but that was also for a 3 month supply and that is a lot cheaper than buying them retail.

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