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    To see y'all here in the Lounge. I miss everyone when the place is empty.

    Pam, glad things are moving along. I pray the treatment for DS's pancreatitis is successful. When I had the e-coli a few years back, my pancreas and liver enlarged and my whole torso swelled up around them to protect them. I looked like the Michelin Man. To this day, sometimes, I will swell up and have the pain in the organs. I was fortunate because the doc said he suspected it was the worst strain and could have caused organ failure. He dismissed me at first and said e-coli is rare so he didn't test me. After the ongoing swelling and pain, he changed his mind. I'm just lucky I got through it OK but I often wonder whether there has been some kind of long-term damage. My labs are OK so I guess that's a good sign. Sorry, didn't mean to make this about me. I have been keeping your DS in my prayers. Pancreatic pain gets to a person. Are they giving him anything for pain? I hope he isn't in pain.

    Jole, so glad you had such a wonderful family reunion. I'm sorry the weather didn't cooperate but am glad you and your Sis got some time, just the two of you. It's so hard for us to be around the confusion of lots of people. I'm glad to hear about the toaster over. Everyone I've talked to says they couldn't do without one now. I got a personal pizza so will cook it in the over to see how it goes. Geez, your DD had a really close call with that accident. I'm so sorry about her wrists but am glad it wasn't worse; it was bad enough. Yes, cooking can be so therapeutic, like a warm comfortable blanket.

    Leah, I did end up getting three pairs, exactly alike, of thermal jammie bottoms. I just wear them with tee shirts. I had three pairs exactly alike but had to throw the one pair out from my fall. I like to wear dark tees so I can sit out on the balcony and let the girls be free and no one can tell. We get all kinds of friends and neighbors out there, men and women, cats and dogs. I have slippers to match my jammies. I wait until they are on sale, dirt cheap. I like the really soft ones but they can't have toes in them. Too hot down here. I need to let the breeze blow between my toes. Speaking of birds, my neighbor told me she saw Tweety with a little bird in her mouth and the bird was sqawking. She went in and got a fly swatter and smacked Tweety on the head and she let the bird go. It flew away no worse for wear. One of the cats left a dead gecko outside my door. It must have not been too tasty. None of the cats would eat it. Maybe they think I'd like such a delicacy. AACK!!!

    Diane, I did find my receipt and info for registering the TV. I don't think I ever did but since it's still under warranty, I should be able to do it and then call for repair. As I mentioned to Leah, like you, I like to wear tee shirts with my jammies. Since it's so warm down here, sometimes, I sleep in just my tee and underwear and slip on the jammie bottoms to go out to the balcony for coffee. Barb and I went to Target today but she bought a different type of jammies. The ones on sale are Gilligan and O'Malley. They have cotton, thermal and flannel. Used to be $12.99, on sale for $10. Not too bad. I got my old ones for $6 a pair after Christmas but stores no longer stock so much stuff since the economy took a dive.

    The Red Tide is here; fish are dying, I'm having a difficult time breathing, and it's affecting my neurological system. I feel kinda jumpy and aggitated like when I tried to wean off Klonopin. I've also had headaches. They showed the dead fish on TV. I've been feeling depressed because I have so much which needs doing but I don't feel well; I feel overwhelmed. I decided I had to get up and do something. I colored my hair and it came out great! I was using Nice 'n Easy but it turned my hair a pinky brown for two weeks before it turned a nice blonde. Barb told me to get L'Oreal and I did. OMG, what a difference.

    I went and got my glasses fixed and it's so nice to have them fit again. My car needs an oil change and the induction system cleaned so I made an appt. for next Wed. I've been putting it off. So, I got a lot done that needs doing and I feel better about life. Now, if I can only clean around here. Geez, it's starting to look like a hoarder lives here. I've been falling asleep early and waking up in the middle of the night. I may fall asleep during the debate and have to watch the highlights tomorrow, like a football game. My buddies and I are all ready to vote but we don't know when early voting starts down here. There are 10 amendments on the ballot and I always worry about getting behind someone who has to stand there and read them all. Yikes!

    Well, kiddies, I need to go. My eyes are closing as I type. I'll never make it through the debate. Hope everyone has a great evening.

    Love, Mikie
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    I was reading about you experiencing the Red Tide and I was curious becauase you were saying you were having trouble breathing. I know nothing about it, so I looked it up and WOW, it is harmful and harmful to animals too. Here's the website.
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    This post actually was posted here by mistake. It should have been on the CC board. Thanks for the link. Red Tide is worse for those of us who are more sensitive to it. It's deadly for the sea life.

    Love, Mikie