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    Hi Hermit,

    I was also very touched by your story that you wrote about in another Thread here. I know we all appreciate how challenging your situation is.

    I was surprised that your doctor suggested that you see a Nutritionist given that there is lots of info on diets for diseases on the Web. When I researched diets for CFS and FMS etc... I found that most of the diets for all diseases are very similar. From experience, I've found that each person has to calibrate the recommended diet for themselves as well as we each naturally respond to foods differently.

    The main gist of diets for illnesses is that they should contain healthy foods and not junk foods. Also, whether they're for controlling seizures, heart disease or CFS they're usually low-carb and high protein.

    Generally they consist of lean meats like chicken and fish, turkey and pork and steamed easily digested vegetables. If you can tolerate salads then they're great but many like me have digestive problems with them. However, I can eat cucumbers and peeled tomatoes and roasted beets so I make salads out of those and I can handle cole-slaw since it's cabbage and great for digestion, even from restaurants if I get it to go and rinse it off and add plain yogurt as a dressing.

    I can tell you more about diet changes that can help if you want and I know many people here will want to join in too. :) There are links we can give you as well if you want or you can search for Diets for specific maladies online yourself.

    I did pay doctors who specialize in nutrition when I became disabled with FMS in 2000 and my CFS became severe. I found that they had the right idea sometimes but were completely off-base for what works for me personally. I really stuck to their ideas of what I should and shouldn't eat for over a year. I have very good willpower but in the end I've found that I can do a better job of figuring out what I should or shouldn't eat for myself than anyone else can. However, I did need the guidelines I've read about, but all that can be found on the web.

    The Elimination Diet is also helpful in figuring out what works for you and what doesn't as well.

    Let me know if you would like more info on any of this.


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