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    Hi all,

    I have been through months of extreme pain in my legs for the last 2 to 3 months & I am still seeking help to find out ----- WHAT Do I Have???

    I am at a point where I can barely function anymore. I am almost immobile.

    A battery of tests have been going on for months and still no definite ----- DIAGNOSIS.

    -- Problem ……. I cannot stand for more than 2 to 3 minutes without my legs starting to burn with terrible pain & I have to sit or lay down with my legs elevated.

    My next step in being to be able to go out of the house would be a WHEEL CHAIR, possibly.

    I think I have a -------- HERNIA in my groin area & I believe it has gone undetected for quite some time.

    It may even be the reason WHY I can no longer stand or walk without being in horrific pain.

    Peripheral Neuropathy was ruled out along with many other issues.

    My Doctor is over looking the 2 lumps or areas on my lower abdomen. On the right & left side.

    I would describe it as ………

    == It looks to me like 2 BLUE (ish) colored veins or protruding ares.

    == Both about 3 to 4 inches long that run vertically on my very lower stomach & they are very noticeable to the eye.

    == When I stand, they stick out more, where I would call them “bulges”.

    == I first noticed them a few days ago & my entire very lower abdomen was bruised all across the front of my body & both of these areas are “inflamed”.

    == They just appeared out of no where. (So it seems, but I am not 100% positive.)

    == Perhaps they were there before and when I was on Lyrica my stomach always looked a bit “bloated” so I could not see them.

    == Due to all of my recent medical problems I have lost about 15 pounds & I do look very “unhealthy”. Way too thin where my clothes are so baggy on me.

    I was extremely frustrated and shocked when my FMS Specialist completely dismissed it. He said it is a Hernia & it SHOULD NOT be a problem.

    …… Well, the problem to me is SOMETHING has drastically affected my health to a point where I cannot function. I only leave the house if I have a doctor’s appointment.

    I have had issues with ongoing constipation, water retention of 15 to 20 pounds. The water attention is finally under control.

    My legs are unstable.

    My legs now feel like 2 incredibly painful limbs (or body parts I have) that are filled with severe cramps, burning sensation, throbbing, complete numbness at times where I am now becoming ------- “fearful” of what tomorrow may bring me.

    With the symptoms I have listed, does anyone know if this could be a Hernia??

    Any guidance would be appreciated.

    Best wishes,
    == Elaine
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    I am so very sorry for all you're suffering. I can't offer any opinion or experience on this but I can pray they find out what is wrong and fix it. Take care.

    Love, Mikie