herniated cervical disc people: what are your headaches like?

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  1. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i am always trying to figure out what causes my headaches.

    i know for sure that lots of the headaches come from my spinal stenosis and herniated discs (C-5 to C7). (never dared surgery what with some fibro patients getting worse after fusion surgery). lately i wonder if i should reconsider (though i probably never will want to, seeings that i'm allergic to the meds that help).

    i always seem to have low level pain in my neck, shoulders and especially head (temples, behind eyes, teeth, nose...sounds more like sinus, but i'm not sure it is, though with polyps, that's pretty bad, too).

    a slightly different headache i have some days, i actually have headaches that begin with low tension pulsing and then end up with throbbing on one side by day's end (and pain behind one or both eyes--since i may have ocular herpes, THAT may well be the cause of some of these headaches as well...often one eye that itches also has the throbbing... but not always itching--that pain can be so severe i have vomited. migraine meds made it worse!). in all cases, i have levels of light and sound sensitivity (worse as the headaches worsen).

    the last few days, i've had a deep steady headache (no throbbing upon movement like other times). it's always worse after i eat (TMJ?... indigestion; lots of belching).

    i did have a few crying jags, too, the last few days, which always aggravates my head pain. maybe that pains stays awhile(?)... i HAVE had periods where this stuff gets a LITTLE better. never sure why.

    i'm wondering if this constant low level head pain for days is disc related?... (or the spastic muscles around that herniated area)?

    anyone have anything similar or any thoughts?


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  2. PVLady

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    I was just wondering if massage has ever helped you. Before when I had tension and felt headaches coming on, a massage really helped. I don't know if that is safe with spinal stenosis.
  3. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    Headaches are not normal. Backaches are not normal. Numbness and tingling are not normal. These and countless other symptoms are not normal. They originate in the central nervous system after years of neglect. Proper function of the body, controlled by the nervous system, is THE key to health. Fortunately, the proper function of the nervous system is the primary concern of well trained chiropractors. Covering up the symptoms with medication ignores the underlying cause and delays the healing process.
  4. msbsgblue

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    Your's sound an awful lot like mine, and I have had them for about 30 years.

    I have had every test in the book more then once and there is no rhymn or reason for mine other then I have had neck injuries in car accidents, neither my fault. Even at that my latest xrays and MRI show only very minimal arthritis.

    I wish I knew, I have suffered so long with them.
  5. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    before i had the neck and head pain, i regularly got massage with the cfs (never sure if it helped, mainly it exhausted me).

    since the headaches (11 YEARS; cfs/etc. 13 years)!... i have been unable to have anyone even touch me above my shoulders. i can't even wear necklaces anymore, as anything that even slightly weighs on my neck aggravate the pain.

    sooo... maybe on low-level pain days i could do cranial sacral massage, though.

    man, do i miss massage (and feeling half my body, vs. numbness... but still terrified of surgery. and afraid it might be too late, anyway after 11 years).

  6. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i KNOW 11 years of headaches is normal;(...

    (but most of the other stuff i live with and haven't been able to change isn't either; (yet!) )

    (note my reply above regarding massage).

    i surely haven't been able to handle chiropractic. i tried chiropractic a number of times (even the non-cracking kind)... and had such headache pain afterwords, i thought i was going to die.

    an aside, except for necessary testing, i detest most western medicine, prescription meds, etc... i've been alternative medicine since before it was popular. but even THAT hasn't been working for me, due to my severe allergies to herbs, vitamins, homeopathic... combined with touch sensitivity making physical therapy hard).

    thanks for your response. i'll keep an open mind though with everything.

    ;) helene