herpes in throat with flu?...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chilene, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i was hit by GDknowswhat and it's been dragging out for almost four weeks! (and it does seem everyone's been sick around here).

    i originally assumed it was my usual (MONTHLY) herpes outbreak that comes when my immune system is extra low. it's not the sores that are bad so much anymore (i think i have both versions (upper and lower--haha)... and seems it attacks the facial and eye nerve, more than lip/nose issues. though i have gotten the lip/mouth thing horribly in sun before.

    i get a LOT of nerve pain at this time (all over body;nurse also said it could now be "post-herpetic neuralgia"). and lots of low-level flu symptoms (low fever, body pain upped, stomach pain)... and when my eyes are involved... light sensitivity and blurred vision and some pain behind eyes. (fortunately, the eye thing isn't every month).

    so after a week and a half instead of it getting better (like often), i started then having a horrid sinus infection/cold thing. then felt even sicker all over. so never was sure what it all was.

    my temp is now down... but i have HORRID pain in the back of my throat and it's realllly hard to swallow. way worse at night, and it feels like there is a small bump right in the very way back of my tongue/throat. small tiny bump on roof of mouth, too. this throat thing only happened once before, and i freaked and they gave me a throat culture but didn't find anything. i'm thinking it's a fever blister (or a few) back there and that talking/eating is worsening it all. hard to talk, too.

    over the years i've had a few sore throats (just regular, before/after a cold), but nothing so swollen or sore like this (but i've also only had herpes the last few years... it's changed everything;( )

    anyone else have this throat thing?
  2. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I get everything,..germ wise that I come in contact with too.
    Seems like I always have something! sore throat, ear ache,
    sinus infection,tooth abcesses,..etc. you name it!
    My only suggestion is warm salt water gargles for the back of your throat. They do help~
    Hope you feel better :)
  3. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    nice to 'meet' you!

    yes, i have had someone mention the colloidal silver itself before (but not the water). i will check this out, thanks so much!

  4. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i went back to the nurse practitioner today (follow up from a week back; sick last week but pre horrid throat pain). she did a culure to see if it was viral (at MY asking), but wasn't severely concerned.

    and yes, she mentioned the saltwater gargle, too.

    many thanks, tandy!