Herpes simplex & FM

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    Just wondering if anyone knows if there is a link with FM and herpes simplex. I went 54 years without ever contacting the herpes virus, and then back in Feb I got a whopper of an outbreak that took over 2 months and four rounds of anti-virals to finally go away. Sunday I woke up with the prodrome signalling another outbreak. Called my MD immediately on Monday morning to get started asap on the Famvir, and now (joy of joys - lol) my lips are swollen so much I look like I've had collagen injections that went wild. Went to the doc today and he said it's all from the herpes, gave me a scrip with the maximum refills on Famvir so I'd have it onhand if I need it in the future. He said it's very unusual to have cold sores this severely. This is my fifth day on the med for this outbreak, and he said it should have gone away in about 3 days, especially for subsequent outbreaks after the primary one. By the way, did you know it's quite awkward to talk when your lips are that swollen?? How do these Hollywood types do it??? LOL Just call me Ally McBeal!
    Love and blessings
    "Big Lips" Mar
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    I had to laugh about the 'big lips' thing, and all those shots they get to 'pump' them up :)

    A chiropractor told me to put an ice cub in a mans handkerchief (or some equally soft fabric) and hold it on the fever blisters till they felt numb, then take it off till they were normal again, to do this off and on for a couple of days.

    Well, low and behold it worked! The blisters are a virus and freezing them kills the virus.

    I had about four on my lips and between my nose an lip, hurt like heck. They were gone in about three days with the ice pack thing. The last time I had them was a year ago, when I feel one coming out, I put the ice on it immediately, and it kills the virus and it does not make a sore.

    Just though you might want to try this as I know how painful they are. It can't hurt you!

    Take care..................

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I remember when my daughter was two we went to the zoo. I was at the stage of my illness that I continued to get cold sores on my mouth...it was a horrible feeling and it was hard for me to enjoy the zoo visit !!!!!! I will never forget that day...I was feeling sick already and then had painful cold sores on both sides of my mouth...let alone feeling like everybody was staring at my ugly mouth !!!!!!
    Yikes !!!! I got rid of mine also by using ice and wet tea bags on them. I no longer get the cold sores since I have built up my immune system...thank goodness !!! Goodl Luck....Hippen
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    I've been doing the ice cube just because my lips are so swollen, and my body seemed to be crying out for me to do it. Your post was an affirmataion of what I think of as the body's innate wisdom. Today I've developed lesions in the corners of my mouth, owie, owie, OW!! This is not fun at all! Think I'll go enjoy a couple of ice pops followed by "ice cube therarpy". I think this current outbreak was brought on by being in the sun. I usually wear a hat when I'm outside because I've had a couple of bouts with skin cancer over my eye. I completely forgot (brain fog(???)) last week when I was outside in the garden. Aaarggghh! This upcoming week we're on vacation and are planning to go to the beach, weather permitting. Guess I'll be bringing out the large brimmed hat. Hey, between, the hat, sunglasses and collagen-look-a-like lips everyone will think I'm a movie star!!!! NOT!!
    Love and blessings
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    The sunlight can make it worse. Have you been out in the sun? Teabags can help with the relief of the pain somewhat. I had herpes zoster on my right thigh in 1981 brought on by severe stress & it still haunts me to this day! When I am under dire stress it still happens & I just have to take the Famvir to releave it. Hope you feel better soon.

    Wow Shirl, I never knew that. Good advice!! dolsgirl
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    For lips like those. Just look at Goldie Hawn :)

    Love, Mikie
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    ...my question after trying to talk with these sausage lips for the past week is.....WHY?!?!?!?!?!???

    Ms. Biggie-Lippie
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    hi there! i contracted herpes via sexual contact in 1986. although i had symptoms of fm (i think) since my early 20's. i recall pain in my legs/hip etc. my fm symptoms did not become really prevalant until 1988 and took 2 yrs to diagnose in 1990.

    i think we all have the herpes virus, like chicken pox in our systems and it lays dormant. someone else posted this topic. look up herpes in the search thingie. there is a possibility there is some connection. and maybe fm lies dormant as well, until some trauma/stress/accident brings it out. interesting to do research on.
    i appreciate your post....oh and the lip thing...ROFLMAO
    or you know that gal on the soaps...lisa reine or something like that...how the heck can she eat?

    take care

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