Herpes Simplex II sufferers only, please

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    As embarrassing as this may be, I have to tell how to stop an eruption dead in its tracks. I woke up in the middle of Tuesday night with the unmistakable itch of a beginning eruption. I dabbed some rose otto essential oil on it. If you catch it early enough, this is supposed to help. But I don't think it was that early; it was bothering me earlier that day, but I ignored it.

    Then, in the morning, I took 500 mg of Lysine. I also opened up a capsule, mixed it with a little water to make a paste and dabbed it on the beginning blister and left it. I sat around naked for awhile and it stopped bothering me. I realized earlier today, it has completely disappeared! I have never gotten one that disappeared like this. I had read that about lysine being used topically but never tried it before now. I also took 500 mg of the lysine 2 more times Wed and took it twice today just to make sure.

    So that was a great relief, and I'm armed for next time!

    I imagine this might work for type I, also.

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    Well, I don't know anything about fibro, I only have cfs with no pain at all. And lisapetrison comes to mind about who to ask. But I think that cfs, fibro and having herpes are just all symptoms of the problem we all started out with: weak bodies from malnutrition.

    So, yes, if the virus is becoming more active and reving up the immune system, the body is going to go through nutrients faster and contribute to the whole nutritional deficiency problem. Then at some point, you have gone over the edge of slight malnutrition into serious malnutrition and you end up with pain and/or severe metabolic dysfunction.

    Here's something I found that mentions Dr. Cheney:

    "According to Dr. Paul Cheney, one of the top autoimmune doctors in the world, viruses, especially the herpes viruses commonly found in fibromyalgia, and some bacteria and mycoplasma, make proteins that mimic IL-10. This tricks the immune system into activating Th-2 cells instead of the Th-1 cells that are supposed to activate and kill them. They trick the immune system into thinking that the threat is coming from the opposite side. So the immune system shifts from the Th-1 mode that attacks them, to the Th-2 mode that does not. They increase their chances of survival by diverting the immune system. And literally initiate an autoimmune condition like fibromyalgia.

    Infections are found in a high percentage of people who have fibromyalgia. People with fibromyalgia or any other autoimmune disease often have more than one type. The infections are bacterial, viral and/or from various types of mycoplasma. In some cases these infections are opportunistic. In other words they occur because the immune system has been wiped out by fibromyalgia, and can’t fight these infections off. (The Th-1 side is worn out.) More insidiously, these infections may be the underlying cause of the malfunctioning immune system creating fibromyalgia in the first place."

    So it looks like the herpes is just an all-around "baddie" causing all kinds of problems and it's definitely not coincidence.

    I also thought that my 6 month torture feast (antiviral chemotherapy for hep c) could have killed any invader, but I guess not. Too bad.

    see ya,

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    I'm so used to it I didn't even think about that. Th1 and Th2 are different modes of the immune system. There is something we use to fight viruses, called Rnase-L. It works by destroying messenger RNA. That's what viruses use to reproduce. The problem is, with like a cfs person, RNase-L gets out of control because Th1 doesn't become active and tone it down. So it goes out of control destroying messenger RNA. And our own cells use messenger RNA for protein synthesis, which is life itself, basically. And in many cfs patients, there seems to be an altered form of Rnase-L which is even more destructive.

    So Rnase-L runs around destroying our messenger RNA along with virus messenger RNA and the protein synthesis going on in our bodies. The largest concentration of protein synthesis is in the liver. And the liver is the "office manager" of the body. If it isn't able to do its job, then all the different systems in the body start to suffer and screw up.

    Th1 is the part of the immune system that kills stuff inside cells, like viruses. Th2 kills stuff outside the cells, like parasites. Usually, th1 will eventually become active and this shuts down the Rnase-L and stops destruction of messenger RNA. But with cfs, this doesn't happen. Th1 includes NK cells, BTW. So you want to shift your system from th2 overactive to th1 active. There are some supplements that can help this.

    Actually, it's probably better explained if you get this right from the horse's mouth. The followng link is Cheney's treatment protocol; in the first part of it, he talks about Rnase-L and the immune system and viruses.


    I tried to look up exactly how valtrex works but I don't understand it. It does say it's for people with healthy immune systems. Do you just have fibro or cfs, too?

    I'm also not sure what herpes is doing in the body when there is no outbreak, if it is activating the immune system or not. Do you have lots of outbreaks or just ocassionally? I seem to get by with the lysine and rose otto oil, okay. Plus I mix together some other stuff for when I get one that I can't stop. I'll have to look it up later, though, I can't remember all the stuff right now.

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    It didn't even ocurr to me to mix the lysine with the rose oil. Even better for next time!



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