herx and diarrhea?

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    When you talk of a herx does the symptom also include diarrhea? I Started physical therapy 3 weeks ago and after the first week that I had it 2x/week I started w/ diarrhea. Tried the BRAT diet but that didn't make a difference. The PT is working alot on my stomach muscles. I also feel terrible bloated. Been trying to drink a ton of water. Could the PT be releasing all these toxins to cause this?
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    I had this happen when I started Tai Chi.

    Typically, Herxing happens when one is doing something which kills off pathogens in the body. It starts with an immune response which feels like the flu. Then, when the dead pathogens turn toxic, the body purges them with profuse sweating, diarrhea from hell, and/or nausea.

    Herxing usually includes purging but purging can happen without Herxing. Hope this isn't too confusing. Herxing and purging have been used interchangeably but technically, Herxing usually only happens following some kind of treatment which kills pathogens. That said, however, I suppose it's possible for one to improve one's health enough so that the immune system goes on a killing spree, resulting in a Herx.

    Love, Mikie