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    I've been on Nexavir for three weeks and am feeling herx-type symptoms. I'd really appreciate it if anyone who has been on it can tell me if this is normal. Did you have a herx-type reaction? If so, how long did it last? If it's normal, I'll stick it out. Otherwise, I should probably stop using it. I hope anyone with experience with Nexavir can help. Thanks so much.

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    Hi Toni,

    I dont know the answer to you question but have been seeking this answer myself. It appears not too many people out there have used this drug. I am aware that Dr. De Meirleir in Belgium is prescribing this drug so I googled on nexavir in dutch and found the following on a chat site (using the automated translation service by google - so the english is a bit odd). The last two lines should be of interest to you.

    "I want to shout from the rooftops: I'm a different person become. The result is truly miraculous for me. After two weeks I'm feeling flu steadily improved.

    I did eight years ago received the diagnosis CVS, RNase from 15.8; VO2max, 10. I was always exhausted. I dragged me through the week, at the end of the workweek again severe headache, weekend served to sleep, any time that I was not at work I sat in the bath or in bed. My social contacts were reduced to the minimum. I lived like a zombie and had no more perspective than gradually slipping to the disability.

    With Nexavir there is a miracle happened. I still go to sleep early, but I have a lot more energy and stamina. I think brighter, the brain fog lifts. I can work full-time, with my teenage daughters go shopping, remain 'straight' on a reception, ... I hop over to the nerves of all that I can.

    Probably I really fit in the target group for Nexavir well as herpes Epstein Barr virus were positive with me. According to research from the 90s that laid the foundation, there are four categories of responses to Nexavir or Kutapressin. Category 1 feel nothing, feel slight improvements Category 2, Category 3 has major improvements and category 4 heal completely. Personally I would at least Category 3 count. But unfortunately, there is that 30% are in Category 1. I still bowel, and I do not yet know whether that will gradually improve.

    In the first two weeks I felt shivery, like I had the flu. Furthermore, no side effects except for the bruising of the syringes, but I would like to. "

    Toni, I would like to communicate more with you on this via email if you are willing. My email address is vascopyjama at hotmail.com.

    best wishes,


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