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    HI everyone!

    I have been on doxycycline for 10 days for the c. pnuemonae bacteria. I have been having the usual herxing symptoms: muscle aches, nausea, and a low grade fever.

    But something else that has happened is problem sleeping despite Lunesta and trazodone. Is this a normal or usual herx symptom? Has anyone else had this? How long does the herx last? THis is getting old!!!

  2. Cromwell

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    This sounds odd I would re check with your provider for this odd symptom of not sleeping on Luneta for sure, plus the ongoing Herx.

    Love Anne C
  3. pawprints

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    check with your doctor and maybe try different sleep meds during this time.

    Good Luck
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    bump for more replies!
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    I believe that many patients' quality and duration of sleep is adversely affected by herxheimer reactions, die-offs, and detox reactions.

    I don't have medical studies to prove this, but my assumption is that the body uses sleep time to heavily detox toxins from the body.

    It is known that when a person goes to sleep, a brief period of body warming with some perspiration is normal. This is called an "auto-sauna" episode. It helps remove impurities through perspiration.

    The liver, the body's premier detoxifying organ, goes into it highest active period around 8 PM, or around bedtime, in other words.

    It grieves me that so many CFS/FM are taking powerful sleeping drugs that can only be adding to their body's toxic burden-- all in an effort to get restful sleep.

    In fact, the reason that they can't get that natural restorative sleep is probably largely due to other toxins irritating the brain , nervous system, and hormone glands.

    Best wishes for a good night's rest.

  6. intensemom

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    I've already been treated with Questran for Chronic Neurotoxins and with Valtrex for Epstein-Barr. Then I took a break before starting Doxy for C. Pneumonaie and my sleep and energy improved. But now 10 days into the doxy I'm dragging my butt again.

    I do need to focus on a better detox diet and supps. Thanks for that suggestion. And I'm checking into neurofeedback. But the closest practioner is 2 hrs. away and I'm assuming I would need to go twice a week. How often did you go? Thanks!!