Herxing From My TF Pulse

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by Mikie, Sep 18, 2005.

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    As most of y'all know, I took the TF C and TF 200 for three months straight and now pulse them for only a couple of days every six weeks. About a week and a half ago, I took the two capsules for two days.

    The immune response came with its usual tender and swollen lymph nodes, headache, and fatigue. I felt a bit fluish and achey too.

    Today, the hallmark diarrhea hit, but there hasn't been much sweating or burning/chilling in my torso. I would say this is a light Herx. They have been diminishing in severity as time goes on.

    Between my zapper and the TF's, I feel I am staying on top of the pathogens.

    Love, Mikie
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    Are really just much more sophisticated zappers. Zappers cannot diagnose and they typically have fewer frequencies. If you buy a zapper for about $150 at Hulda Clark, where mine came from, it uses a "one size fits all" frequency which kills all types of pathogens. If you want a discrete frequency, you can buy a little card chip which plugs into the zapper for a specific purpose. These chips are very inexpensive. You do have some options.

    Zappers can use wrist/ankle bands, plates, or rods to deliver the low-frequency current. I use the bands which I dampen and put around my ankles. I can use the automated mode which pulses the current in the most effective sequence or I can put it in the manual mode and zap for however long I want to. If I have a cold coming on, I zap straight for 20 mins. and then run it in the auto mode. I have Herxed just from running it like this for a virus.

    The more sophisticated machines sell for thousands of dollars but have the whole gamut of frequencies in a certain range. They are mostly used by health care providers but a few people buy their own. To me, the zapper works so well that it would not be worth it to buy the expensive machines.

    Zappers can only kill pathogens in the blood stream. Stealth infections only get into the blood stream when they have killed their host cells and go in search of new host cells to invade. Zappers cannot kill pathogens deep inside the body such as in an organ. There are electro-magnetic pulsers which are supposed to be able to kill them anywhere in the body. I am not convinced that these pulsers are safe. Zappers are likely safer, but there are those who believe that any electro-magnetic current is risky.

    I have noticed no ill effects from my zapper except when I tried to crank up the voltage and it caused a little tingling around my ankles and a very slight itchy rash. Now, I just use it at the lowest default setting.

    Microcurrent treatments are being used more and more in diverse applications. Mine did clear up a slight toenail fungus. The condition wasn't severe with yellow thick nails. It was just a few little white marks under the nails. Most everyone down here in the jungle has it. After using the zapper, I noticed that the new nail growth was pink and healthy without the white dots.

    Hope this helps. I have been very pleased with my zapper.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'd never heard of a "zapper" B4. I'll Google for Hulda Clark.
    I do remember in my electrical safety class, that its our blood vessels that conduct electricity. The salty water in the blood plasma is a great conductor. Its only a thin layer of skin that protects us. People exposed to electrical shock (current > 1 mA) can damage the blood vessels and cooked blood vessels are what ends up causes death to individual who survive a bad shock...I guess this is to say, be careful of the tingling threshold level.

    I have tried magnet therapy based on a book by William Philpot MD. "Biomagnetic Handbook". I did notice an effect but it was so weak that I wonder if it was Psychosomatic.

    I had also heard of pulsing magnetic fields. I couldn't afford a $2000 machine, so I built one: coil of heavy wire sewn between fabric, 555 timer and a PC power supply. I did feel flu like symptoms at 7 Hertz (cycles /second)after 15 minutes, drank lots of water and felt cleansed after ~1/2 hour recovery. I've read that it cleanses the lymph nodes.

    Other books of reference: Dr. Robert Becker, "The body Electric" & "Crosscurrents"