Herxing From The Famvir--Surgery Update

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  1. Mikie

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    Another bonus from the surgery was the Famvir I had to take to prevent a cold sore before, during, or just after the surgery. I started Herxing yesterday and am Herxing big time today. This is lasting longer than the Doxy Herx and instead of the burning in my torso like with the Doxy, I am chilling in the torso. I do not believe this is a Doxy Herx because of this difference and the duration. I've been on the Doxy so long that I no longer have such massive killoffs and, therefore, the Herxes last 24 hours, max. This is the second day of the Herx and it has been quite severe.

    This is very important to me because I now believe I have been sick from a chronic Herpes-family virus. My current specialist does not treat chronic viral infections, but I plan to get him to change his mind or refer me to an infectious diseases specialist.

    I do not believe we can heal when there are chronic stealth infections in our bodies. Unfortunately, we are ripe for infections of opportunity.

    I just got back from having my sutures removed and the doc said everything looks good. In a week, I can do more strenuous exercises. I can now wear makeup to cover the bruising and redness from the laser.

    My biggest bonus, being in remission from both the FMS and CFIDS is still with me. I do not expect it will continue indefinitely unless I can find out about the virus and get treatment. Right now, except for the Herxing, it's like I've never been sick. YAHOOOOOOOOO!!!
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    Never thought I'd be jealous of someone going under the knife!
    Seriously though, I am glad this has been such an enlightening experience for you.
    Is there a blood test you can have to see if HHV6 is active in your system?
  3. Mikie

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    I'm sure if a virus is active, it will show up in antibody blood test. If it has gone stealth, however, it would take a PCR DNA test. I kind of think it may be a stealth infection since it took a whole week for the Herx to start. With stealth infections, one must wait til the pathogen kills the cell it's been inhabiting and goes into the bloodstream in search of a new cell to invade for the medications to be effective.

    I'm not sure it's worth it to have the tests done. The remission of symptoms and the Herx are pretty good indications of an infection. The question is, how to treat this.

    Love, Mikie
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    Spacee and I were talking about Famvir, Acyclovir, and Kutapressin, today via email.

    I am going to ask my doc, next appointment about Acyclovir suppressive therapy for twelve months.

    I really think I can benefit from this and the B-12 injections.

    I have HSV1 and 2, and statistics say that 80% of the popu. has 6.

    After looking into the symptoms of long term viral infections of 1 and 2, now that there has been enough time lapsed since their founding, I am determined the need to tackle this.

    Anything that sets up residence in our CNS needs to be eliminated.

    So glad to hear you are progressing quickly after your surgery, and FM/CFS symptoms are still gone!
    Take good care of yourself--which I know you are.
    Best wishes, LL

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  6. Mikie

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    I will ask the doc tomorrow morning about testing. I've been on 250 mgs. of the Famvir twice a day for 10 days. I'm going to take my last dose in the morning, which will be the 10 days.

    I wonder if I'll have to wait to be tested since the Famvir seems to be working so well. I do think it gives me slight headaches, but it is worth it.

    I would try the olive leaf oil, but it is a sal and would block the Guai treatment.

    Love, Mikie