Herxing ? Heart Symptoms

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    What do you mean by herxing? Is it de-tox signs/symptoms(s/s)? Do s/s vary from person to person? I have a lot of heart symptoms. Chest pain, squeezing sensation, irregular heartbeat, palpitations. I's been checked out and they havn't found much. So, I've just accepted it. Can anyone relate? What is this transfer factor everyone is talking about.
    Thanks, Rosalyn
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    jellybelly already answer the herx question.

    I can't really answer the transfer factor question for you because, though I've printed out the article(s) in the libary I haven't read it/them yet. You can do a message search by typing "transfer factor" in the Search Messages box in the center near the top of your screen.
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    Ok! I've been blessed to do many things in my life (53?) one of which was to go to school and go to school and go to school and one of those schools lead to my being a paramedic; I only worked part-time but WOW what a fantastic experience it was...point..I thought I was smart about medical stuff, however this day I was humbled!

    First I noticed my sternum hurt HURT, then it went through my entire rib cage and out the back...hurt so bad felt like a silver knife! It was Sunday so if I was going to be seeing anyone it would be through the hospital so I horsed around. A panic attack was fixing to set in so like a dummie I announce to my gent. friend and to my daughter I was off to the hospital as I thought it was a heart attack!

    Well. I have had tachycardia since whenever....140 pulse was nothing. Low b/p and hypostatic b/p...so low I used to be the test patient for new trainee's.

    The doc in ER that night explained what all was going on; of course they ran all the appropriate tests to cover their a - - .......I saw my neurologist and he put me on a beta blocker to make my heart work more efficiently, slow it down and strenghen the beat. I have been on 20mg inderal one in the am and then at bedtime for geez six years now.

    It also had the side benefit of relieving the peripherol neuropathy that was really bothersome in both my hands and feet/legs.

    What you describe sounds alot like what I had; the doc told me when this happens to press my sternum and if it HURTS it is not a symptom of a coronary. Good luck. CactusLil'