Herxing this bad on Cat's Claw???

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    So if you've been reading my posts you know that I stopped antibiotics because of candida so I started the Buhner herbal protocol slowly with just one herb at a time to see if it irritated my interstitial cystitis-

    Day 1 - 2 cat's claw (rainbow) at once
    Day 2 - 1 cat's claw at noon, 1 at 6
    Day 3 - 1 cat's claw at noon, 1 at 6

    On Day 2 I was suddenly too tired to move, I was so exhausted and my body was painful. I was unable to concentrate on anything. I felt like death.

    I quit after day 3 to get some energy because I had to get out of bed to go to the urologist today. Still exhausted, not with it.

    Is it normal to herx like this so quick on such a little (relative) dose? Or is this a bad reaction to something? How can I tell the difference between good herxing and a bad reaction?

    Igenix results from two years ago:
    34 ING
    39 ++
    41 IND
    66 +
    41 IND
    58 ++
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  2. Nanie46

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    I don't have any personal experience with cat's claw, so my advice would be to post this on the Medical Questions board at lymenet.org.

    Some people there have or do use it.
  3. Bluebottle

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    My suggestion, as it seems to be working well for you, would be to buy some liquid cat's claw or Samento & build up the number of drops you can tolerate. You can use up the capsules when you reach that dosage.

    I now take two teaspoons of cat's claw twice a day, switching every few weeks to Cumanda, along with Lauricidin and the African herbs Simba and Filisa. I don't take cat's claw or Cumanda near bed time as they aggravate my interstitial cystitis.

  4. jess

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    Hi Lisa, the first time I tried cats claw (toa free) liquid I took just one drop to be on the safe side. In about 2 hours I had severe vertigo. I'm not trying to scare you but if you use this one start slow. My DR. said to put one drop in 4 ounces of water and start with drinking only one ounce. Increase every few days to drinking 2 oz, then 3 and finally the 4 oz with the one drop. I did this and I did not have any vertigo. After a few months of finally getting up to only 3 drops I stopped. I did not feel any better but was more tired with more malaise. I don't know if it was a herx or that it just didn't agree with me. I guess I will try some other things. Hope you feel better soon, Jess

    LISALOO New Member

    thanks for the suggestions, but I can't do liquid. It tends to have alcohol, which I think bothered my interstitial cystitis so I had to quit.

    I even tried it in warm water and let it sit, which I was told would burn off some of the alcohol. Nothing, with a few drops I was in so much IC pain, since then I've had a flare that I can't get rid of. So maybe it's the herbs and not the alcohol

    I'm going the herb route and not sure if my bladder can handle those. I quit antibiotics after 3 weeks because the candida diet, diflucan, and probiotics could not get rid of a yeast infection.
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  6. Bluebottle

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    You can buy it in powder form & mix it with yoghurt, which is how I first took it.

    (It tastes like revolting!)

    Try a low carb diet alongside the IC one, Lyme thrives on carbs.

    You could try Lauricidin which hasn't bothered my IC at all - don't give up!

    I've had undiagnosed Lyme for 22 housebound years & can't get any proper treatment here in the UK but I'm not giving up. My IC is my worst symptom.

    LISALOO New Member

    I've never been able to have yogurt along with IC! I wish!

    I do eat no carbs, or very little, no sugar.

    What's lauricidin?
  8. Bluebottle

    Bluebottle New Member

    Mix it with something you can tolerate then, I couldn't get it to mix with water.

    Lauricidin is a fat from coconut oil. You can buy it in capsule form or just eat a spoonful of virgin coconut oil with meals.If interested why not google it?

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