Herxing Today From Pulsing TF's

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Nov 2, 2005.

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    Just a quck update. Most of y'all know I pulse the TF's every six weeks or so for a couple of days. This is kind of like booster shots for vaccines. TF's are a bit like oral vaccines. After an initial period, usually three months, one can pulse them to keep the immune system trained to kill pathogens.

    I came back from Atlanta just a couple of days after Hurricane Wilma blew through town. My hip and leg were killing me from the ride and I developed a cough from all the dust and debris around here. Several large trees were toppled and are being cut into pieces to be hauled off. Bits of grass were blown into my screen and sticking out like whiskers.

    My exhaustion has been worsened so I decided to pulse the TF's as that will give me time to recover before going back up to Atlanta for Thanksgiving. I took the TF's yesterday and the day before. I am Herxing today with diarrhea and a headache. That was fast! I'm glad the TF's are still active as we were without power for about 80 hours. I had to throw away most everything in the freezer and fridge.

    I continue to be impressed with the TF's and am glad I tried them. I still keep the Doxycycline and Famvir around just in case I get sick with something which is beyond the ability of the TF's and my own immune system to handle.

    As always, I take the undenatured whey, probiotics, and colostrum to keep my immune system built up. The TF's just give it an extra boost and each time I pulse, it produces a Herx, so it must be killing off something.

    Love, Mikie
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    Micki, based on your post, I just wondered if you have Epstein Barr or Lyme since you like to keep the Cosycycline and Famvir around............have you been to one of FFClinics for treatment????? Your post is very interesting....DD
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    I wondered where you'd been. I didn't realize that you lived in Florida. It sounds like Wilma did quite a number on your home. Are you and your family all right?

    I guess not so all right; huh? Sounds like you've been under so much stress that it's no wonder that you're not feeling terrific.

    Hopefully things are settling down a little and you can catch your breath and get some rest. You are definitely one of the best at knowing how to take great care of your health, and if anyone can pull it together quickly, it's got to be you. Keep the updates coming!

  4. Mikie

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    And I'll try to answer your questions.

    Alan, colostrum is the pre-milk liquid which comes in before a cow produces milk. It contains all her immunity for her calf. My Mom told me that if a calf didn't get this pre-milk, it would likely die.

    There are different types of TF's. Some are general and do not target specific pathogens. I call these "souped-up colostrum." The more pathogens a TF targets, the more it costs. Evidently it is a tedious to extract the "transfer info" from pathogens and inject them into the TF medium, which can be colostrum, eggs, or a combo of both. TF C is quite expensive, but it targets a lot of pathogens, including Lyme. Of course, anything which helps the immune system helps fight off all pathogens.

    After taking the TF's for three months, one can try pulsing them for a couple of days every four to six weeks. This is usually adequate to maintain immunity. I believe it is self-defeating to take a med which kills the pathogen one is trying to train the immune system to kill. If one's immune system is very sick and one has been infected for a long time, I do think it is helpful to take the ABX or AV prior to starting the TF's, especially if one is also taking Heparin. The Heparin, by itself, can cause Herxing and it increases the efficacy of the ABX or AV.

    I do not take anything to take the edge off Herxing but others have posted about doing that. If you do a search on Herx or Herxing, you will likely find some of their remedies. I just heard about the Traumeel here today. If it contains botanicals/herbs, I cannot take it because of the Guai treatment for FMS.

    Dalphia, I have not been to any of the FCC's. I started my regimen 4 1/2 years ago, before these protocols were widely known. I have not been tested for Lyme, but I did know that it was a mycoplasma infection which triggered my CFIDS in Dec., 1990. It took 2 1/2 years on the Doxycycline to get it under control. There is a TF which targets mycoplasmas but it has to be ordered by one's doc. Had I known about it, I would likely have tried it instead of the Doxy, but I had no problems from the long-term use of the Doxy itself.

    It was a fluke that we discovered I had a chronic viral infection. I had to take Famvir prior to facial surgery and I went into a temporary, but complete, remission. I took the Famvir for about 1 1/2 years before switching to the TF's. Most of us have from 1 to 7 chronic infections.

    Bebe, thanks for your concern about the storm. I was up in Atlanta visiting my kids. I had planned on going and decided to just get away while the storm was raging down here. I lay under a mattress during Charley and it was quite stressful. I went to Atlanta for Ivan and decided to do the same this time. Charley did more damage, including some to our roof, but our condo building had none this time. It did knock down big trees on the block and light posts and signs are down all over the place.

    I am looking to move to Rome or Athens in GA and will be looking at houses when I go back up for Thanksgiving. I love living in FL but these storms are getting the best of me. I don't know how the colder weather in GA will affect me, though. I'll get a better idea when I go back up. If I move, I hope to be there by Dec. or Jan.

    Once again, everyone, thanks for your interest. I do believe the FCC's are on the right track as I believe my docs and I have been as we developed my own regimen. I've had very few tests; almost everything has been done empirically due to my being in an HMO. None of the things I've tried have really been risky and they ended up really helping me. Progress is slow but it is progress nonetheless. I look to the day I can work part time again.

    Love, Mikie

  5. Adl123

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    It is so good to hear from you!

    I know you are hving a tough time on many levels, and I want you to know that i'm thinking of you and praying for you.

    Rock on!

  6. Mikie

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    God bless you! I appreciate your prayers, kindness, and support.

    I wish I had more time to spend here and I do try to answer a few posts and post my own updates. I think it is really important for those of us who have been through the treatment regimens to answer questions about them and keep others updated. It helps others when they know they are not alone in fighting these illnesses.

    Most of these treatments make things worse before they can get better. By the time most of us find the treatments, we have been through hell for years and it's not easy to intentionally take on even more pain and sickness. Still, if we are to heal, I think it's a necessary evil until there is a cure or better treatments.

    I fantacize about the day I can tell my grandson that before there was a cure, many people, like Grandma, use to be very sick but now that there is a cure, we are healthy and happy. It's my positive mental imagry.

    Love, Mikie