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    I don't know if anyone else will agree, but my new theory is to get as much die-off as possible at once (using whatever you can find) and then to get a colonic (hydrotherapy colon wash) to rinse it all out.

    This worked like a charm for me, anyway.

    I've spent years trying to get rid of yeast little by little, always feeling like there was some left because I never dumped it all at once (and assumedly different strains than the ones killed by whatever I was taking) popped up.

    Attacking it all in one pop and then washing away the dead stuff seems to make theoretical sense to me. It certainly worked in practice.

    Of course, not everybody lives where colonics are given. (And in Kansas, I believe, you have to have a doctor's prescription.) It's not at all uncomfortable to do. I felt weak after my first one, but it wasn't as bad as being sick, and the next day was great.

    (You should be aware that there's the possibility that the colonic will dislodge some sort of toxin from your insides, though. In that case, you may experience nausea,,, headaches and tiredness. From what I've read---and my experience--it only lasts a couple of hours. I tend to think it's worth those few hours, since it can't possibly be good to have that stuff inside, leaking out little by little. Not everyone may agree though.....)
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    Oh, yes, I kind of forgot that some people on the list go into horrible herxes with the addition of _anything_., and thus could be in real danger if they pushed themselves too hard.

    Fortunately, I've never been in that situation. I can function reasonably well even in the worst herxes, although it certainly is an unpleasant feeling.

    Obviously, don't try anything drastic, and don't push it past your normal limits until you know what a colonic does for you.

    In my case, feeling miserable one day from overdoing it one day (although not anywhere near death....maybe 20%), it felt like a lifesaver. Everyone is different, though.
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    When one Herxes from a big killoff, the diarrhea purges the toxins from the colon. Colonics are OK once in a while, but regular use of them can harm the lining of the colon.

    The Toxic Shock like Herxing is very rare but it does happen. If one can kill off pathogens faster than they can replicate, it is just right. Anything less will never get rid of the pathogen. Herxing is good as it gets a lot of the pathogens and toxins out of the body. Getting it just right is the trick.

    Love, Mikie

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