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  1. ladyfox

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    What is Herxing?
    What kind of transfer factor do I use for CF/FM?
    How much dosage?
  2. spacee

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    Well, I will try to give you an answer of sorts.....

    Herxing is when at treatment (rx, or TF or herbal remedy or such) cause a good reaction in your immune system that makes you feel sicker before you feel better. That is a very simple answer.

    What kind of TF. That is not so clear cut. If you have been tested for viruses like EBV, CMV or HHV6, then you general pick the TF that "targets" that virus. If you have not been tested, you can pick a "general TF"

    Transfer Factor Essentials is a general TF that is sold here for $54 for 60 capsules which is usuallly a 30 day supply.

    Transfer Factor 4Life is another general one.

    All this information is at the "store" at this site. I find it much easier to look at their catalogue which you can order (no cost) by calling 1-800-366-6056.

    A couple of us here like a TF that you get at another site.
    They have tried others and find they tolerate it much better. It is Immune Care 64. You would have to do a google search to find out where to obtain it.

    I need the Immune Transfer C because it targets the viruses that I have (EBV, HHV6).

    Each one will tell you the recommended dosage. Some you take 2 capsules others one. One you can 1 -3 capsules a day.

    Hope that helps.


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  3. abbymay

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    I was wondering about how long does herxing usually last?

    I've been on TF for almost 3 weeks now and I am still herxing! Is this normal? (I'm taking it for EBV.)

  4. Plantscaper

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    Many of us herxed up to 6 to 8 weeks..you can reduce to a lower dose, though, to make it more tolerable.