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  1. coon32185

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    Have had headache for three days now it feels like my head is pumping like a heart and wants to explode. I have upped my water intake and take epsom salt baths. Does anyone have any better ideas on how to deal with them or relieve them some how?
  2. pw7575

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    I haven't started treatment yet but I have read that Chlorella can be very helpful for Lyme herxing (as well as other herxing). It is supposed to help clear things out of the system. You may want to give that a try. I have also heard people talk about drinking lemon water to help with herxing as well.

    Sorry I don't have any personal experience with this to help you out more. Hopefully one of these will help you. Hopefully others will respond because I am sure my day of herxing will be coming very soon so I would like to know what has worked for others as well.

    Take Care!
  3. lpn9999

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    Tea with lemon and long, hot baths are supposed to help.