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    I am new and ignorant. I am not familiar with this. I am reading about this a lot here.

    Anyone please explain in lay terms?

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    Hi vivian,

    Herxing is a term that is short for "Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction". Basically it is a worsening of symptoms caused when the bacteria release endotoxins when they start to die off.

    Herxing varies from person to person. Some have really strong herxes and others not. It is considered a good sign to herx, because it means the antibiotics are working to kill off bacteria.
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    Nanie46 how in the world would I learn anything without you?

    You are so full of kindness and info. So if I get put on an antibiotic and then herx, it just means the antibiotic is working.

    From the other posts it seems the length of antibiotic treatment varies and the length of time people herx, if they do herx at all, varies from one person to another.

    Is there a protocol or "best practices" that LLMD's follow when beginning treatment?

    Did you take a course of antibiotic treatment and did it work? How did you find all the coinfections you have talked about in other posts?

    I appreciate your helping more than you can know and think you are a sweetheart.

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    You are extremely welcome!

    Treatment and the response to treatment is very individual. A good LLMD uses his experience and the ilads guidelines to prescribe the best treatment for you. It can change from time to time depending on what the LLMD thinks you need.

    Testing is done for coinfections, but like lyme testing, it is not foolproof. LLMD's really consider your symptoms when diagnosing coinfections.

    After 21 years with a FM diagnosis, I discovered through my own research that I have lyme. I also tested positive for past exposure to bartonella and rocky mt spotted fever, although the latter 2 may not be active infections at this time.

    I started my treatment 7 weeks ago, so it is still early for me. My LLMD told me that I would improve slowly over the course of 6 months or so. It depends on how badly affected each person is. Sometimes it takes much longer. Some people require IV antibiotics.

    I am taking doxycycline 200 mg 2x/day, plaquenil 200 mg 2x/day, and zithromax 250 mg 2x/day, plus alot of supplements, especially high quality probiotics, and others.

    I had all my hormones tested after my appt in March, so at my April appt I will find out just how "out of whack" all of those are. Most of us have alot of issues with all sorts of hormones being "off" due to the cascade of negative events that happen in your body with this illness.

    Here are the 2 extremely important sets of guidelines that you must read and understand in order to be really informed about what kind of treatment you should receive...........I printed them out and refer to them regularly.....



    Keep reading and asking questions....I just started researching all this in Oct 2008, so you can learn just as much as I have.

    Thanks for your kind words, glad to help!

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