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    I think I know what herxing is, but I have a question as to how long it lasts. Plus, I'm not sure this is what I have . . . maybe it's just a stomach virus that is lasting way too long. (I'm almost 58 and have FM & OA)

    On 7/21 I went to my PCP because I had a very large canker sore under my tongue, and the corresponding gland under my chin was very swollen and tender. It was decided that I had probably developed a bacterial infection and was put on Amoxly (penicillin) for 10 days. Shortly after that I began having nauseau and stomach problems. I waited until my last pill to ditch the penicillin thinking that was the reason I continued to feel so bad (altho it never seemed to interfe w/sleeping. However, here it is 8/8 and I'm still waking up every a.m. w/nauseau. Since yesterday, it appears to be going away after I've been up and moving around for awhile. I've even lost a few pounds (which I don't mind) but don't think I want to lose anymore. Anyone have any clues?

    Thanks for your input..............sharon
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    It's hard to say. The Herx can be quite severe for some of us.

    What comes to mind is that the ABX killed off all the good bacteria in the gut, causing the stomach problems. Did you take a probiotic with the ABX? Docs never tell people about this. The Jarro-Dophilus sold here is the best probiotic I have found. I've taken probiotics for years because they are essential to a healthy gut whether or not one is on ABX. I've been on ABX for at least a year and a half with no stomach problems.

    I hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie