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    I have heard this term use but what does it mean in is a reaction to a tablet?
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    that the patient will often feel worse before they feel better. Transfer Factors fit into this category.

    Herx is a short form for this reaction. Sometimes a medication is truly wrong or even allergic, so you can't always go by the Herx rule, but if you are taking Transfer Factors and your fatigue gets worse, it more than likely a herx reaction. If you get a rash or swollen throat, its allergic.

    Also, FYI, Hexing means cursing ie. putting a 666 on someone.
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    I agree with the other respondee.
    You just go with the numbers and keep track of what you are taking...all might be well. Just see how you feel day by day.

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    Thanks clerty for asking this. Sometimes things seem greek to me and I don't always have the endurance to press on and ask.
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    Herxing happens you start killing off stuff in your body faster than your body can clean out the stuff that is being killed off.

    "The Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction (referred to as "Herx" often) is believed to be a reaction caused by organisms (bacteria) dying off and releasing toxins into the body faster than the body may comfortably handle it."

    Here is a good website that explains herxing in detail.


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    Now I understand !!!