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    Hi...I just wanted to get back with you but I didn't want to keep putting it on the Lost thread.

    So your mobility still stinks? What's going on...and more importantly is it fixable (hopefully quickly)?

    I've been beseiged with blinding migraine headaches for the last 2+ months. I'll get fooled into thinking I'm doing better and wham another week of being in bed more than I'm out of it. I must get back to the Neurologist!

    Good to hear about your kitties getting along. I'd love to have a kitten again but we have 3 adults that all get along well, so I'm not going to rock the boat. I've thought about you and your Sally and I'm so truly sorry that things happened the way they did! It's excrutiating when it's time to have to say goodbye to one of them. It's almost 3 years since we lost our 2 old gray boys...we still miss them and talk about them all the time.

    Nice chatting...if you want, we can share hosting duties when Lost returns (will it ever??...lol!). I just started that original thread hoping that surely there'd have to be a few fans among all these people who would enjoy talking/dissecting Lost. Thankfully, we have a few regulars!

    Oh yeah, I don't even want to know about that health test you took...I might wake up tomorrow and find my obit in the paper!

    Take Care........Jill............
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    Wow, Jill... I nearly fell out of my chair! In all the years I have posted on these boards, this is the first time anyone has ever posted my name in a thread title.

    I am sorry you are in this endless circle of migraines. I have never experienced one myself, but my son had several when he was younger and I could see how agonizing it was for him. That, on top of your other problems must make life miserable for you. I hope you get some help for this.

    I hear the term "migraine" bandied a lot about by people suffering from a bad headache, when they don't really have a true migraine. I always think of people like you who actually suffer from real migraines. You must want to stab them in the eye with a hot poker and tell them, "No, THIS is what a real migraine feels like!"

    I think when I had that fall that broke my ankle, I did more damage than the broken bone, to both feet. Pulled tendons or ripped muscles or something. Plus, I had tons of arthritis already in my ankles - I think it got much worse. They also found a bone spur on the top of my foot which has been bothering me for several years. So for now, walking for any distance is impossible. Hopefully with rest, it will get better eventually.

    It's been a long time since I had a kitten, and I forgot how much they get into. But Scotty is such a sweetie, it's worth it. I have been home bound so much, he is used to me always being here, and he is never more than a few feet away from me. It was very stressful to Skippy to have a happy playful kitten around at first. But Scotty has had Mio (my sons cat) to play with, so he doesn't bother Skippy. Scotty does try to snuggle up and bathe him, but Skip wants no part of that. Sadly, Skippy could use some help in the bathing department, so it's too bad he won't let Scotty help. But he will allow Scotty to sit next to him now, which is a big improvement.

    I don't think you ever get over missing beloved pets. I still miss Wally who died at 13 back in 1991 and his pal Beaver, who lived on to the age of 18. But it's harder with Sally, not knowing what happened.

    I shouldn't have any trouble helping you with the Lost thread. I am always dying to dissect it the moment it ends, once I get over the 10 minutes of shock afterwards. I hope all our regulars return, and expect to have a few more join in to discuss.

    No matter what that test told me, I refuse to die until Lost completes it's final season and I have all the answers to all the mysteries! Then, and only then, can I die feeling that my life is complete.
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    Hi 4everkid,

    Yeah, I've only seen my username in a thread title once and it kind of made me do a double take too!

    Well, I just wanted to make a few personal comments and outside of the Lost thread.

    Wow, I had forgotten just exactly what your injury was that has caused you such mobility problems. That sounds painful, especially since there's all ready an arthritic condition present. Soft tissue injuries take on a whole new meaning for those of us with these DDs. Do you go to PT? I sure hope you can start to turn the corner a bit on this problem...it's so hard to live with something that just drones on and on! You sound like you stay pretty upbeat?

    So, it looks like the Hollywood writers may strike on Mon. the 5th. I sure hope they can settle before that happens or soon there after. I don't blame them, though, the way technology keeps moving, making TV shows etc. available through so many outlets. They need to receive royalities everytime their work is displayed in whatever manner that is....MHO.

    I enjoy hearing about your cats. My oldest, Rudy (8) rules the roost...although Baby Girl (2) gives him a run for his money. She's pretty good tempered but is rather quick with a tiny hiss. She never sounds really mean or aggressive, just annoyed and wants everyone to know that immediately and mind their manners accordingly before she has to get ugly about it...lol. Pookie (3) is Rudy's shadow...he's a sweet, gentle little cat, although a mite on the skittish side.

    Well, I certainly hope you live LOTS longer than to the conclusion of Lost!! Who knows how the remaining 3 seasons will play out if this strike is a long one?! Yes, I hope we have some of our regulars return and post their thoughts/insights and maybe some fresh blood. I presently am rewatching season 2, a little at a time. These headaches slow me down in just about every way you can think of!

    I've had sinus/allergy H/A's for years but about 2 years ago I began having additional symptoms. These symptoms were definitely migraine in nature and severity...an MRI confirmed it about a year ago. Not much luck so far with the meds I've tried...just got off of Topamax earlier this week.

    Well, Kid...just thought I'd write you back. If you feel like it, give me a holler! Please take care of yourself...we need your brilliant mind to decipher the mystery that is LOST!!

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    Sorry for the slow response. It was a ___ weekend for me. (not sure what word best fills that blank.)

    Today was the annual Raku Fest. I look forward to this all year long, as it's one of the only cool things I do all year. I have been resting up and preparing myself to be able to endure the day-long, on-your-feet event.

    (Raku is a special technique of glaze firing pottery. The kiln is heated up real fast, then the pots are removed white hot, cooled fast, burned, then deprived of oxygen. This technique causes the glaze to turn metallic in areas, and any bare clay to burn to black.)

    I had made several sculptures for this. I had them fired, glazed, loaded up and ready to go for this years event.

    Then last night, for no apparent reason, I was sick as a dog, throwing up all night long. I finally fell asleep at 9:30 am, about the time I was planning to leave. I realized by this time, there was no way I was well enough to go, and would have to put my stuff back on the shelf and wait another year to get it completed.

    (I never get sick. I just stated this fact last week, then knocked on wood. It was wood laminate though, which I guess doesn't count.)

    I woke up at 2, and felt much better. So we loaded up and went late. It worked out great. Most of the crowd had finished and left, so things moved much faster. Mr4ever, 4everSon and I, had all our stuff finished in two hours.

    Some turned out great, some... not so much. But that's the way it goes. If I can manage to get a decent picture, I will post one in my profile in a few days. For now, I posted a picture of two of the ones I made in previous years.

    The round pot shown is way cooler than it looks here. It is actually solid, shimmery, metallic aqua. But if you shine light on it, in this case the camera flash, it looks green and spotted as shown. The other pot is pretty close to how it actually looks. It's hard to photograph the metallic ones.

    I actually did pretty good today. I had to sit down a few times. But I think my ankles are gradually starting to get better overall.

    I agree with your thoughts on the writers strike. They have good reason to do so. I just hope it doesn't drag out forever like the last time. So many of the programs now are serials. You get a momentum going, and if anything breaks that for too long, its real easy to lose interest. I'm sure they are all aware of that though. The Lost creators certainly know. They lost a lot of viewers over that super long holiday hiatus last season.

    Your cats sound like mine. Each one completely different, with their own unique personality. You should post a picture of them. I would love to see them.

    All my headaches are sinus headaches. I have never experienced a migraine. (I am knocking on some genuine wood right now.) My son had them right before he joined the army, and I was really worried he would have to go through that during basic training. But they stopped. He thought it might be the strict diet they were on. No salt, no sugar, nothing but water to drink... nothing good at all. He really only had a migraine a few times in High school. But those few times were agonizing. I am glad they ended for him, for whatever reason.

    I hope you can manage to find some meds that work or pinpoint the cause if possible. I really feel for you and anyone who has to suffer this pain all the time.

    Long winded as usual,
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    I read your latest posting and was just too tired to respond that night! Sometimes, I'll be on the computer for a few hours and hardly realize it...until I try to move!

    I'm so glad that you were able go where you wanted on Sat., there's nothing worse than being up all night sick, when you have plans the next day. Before the DD's struck, I could just push myself and get done what I wanted to do...those days are gone!!

    The picture of your sculptures is beautiful. I have to admit I don't know a lot about that art form, but being able to produce something so exquisite is a wonderful incentive to learn. My only humble experience has been with ceramics. I've not done any for a long time, but recently have been wishing that I could. I'd need to take a few refresher classes.

    Well, I'm still fighting the headaches! I'm so weary of this constant pain. Lately, I've been able to be out of bed most of the day, but I'm crabby, depressed and in pain the whole time. I'm just so tired of trying new meds! I know I should try to alter my diet to see if that has any effect, but I guess I feel I'm all ready miserable enough, without taking my food away too! Childish, I know.

    So, the writers are on strike. I just read that 7 scripted shows like Desperate Housewives are shut down now, of course along with all the late night shows. I'm not a huge TV watcher, so it's not going to affect me all that much...unless it ends up screwing up Lost! We've had to wait a ridiculous amount of time all ready.

    Glad to read that your stamina and ankle strength is improving. Moving forward, literally and figuratively can certainly help lift your spirits.

    Hey, I just remembered your post from some months ago about Herbal Essence shampoo...I'm assuming no luck with Clairol on its possible return? Seems like so many companies like to bring back old favorites, especially from like the 60's and 70's, that they may want to make a go of it. After all, the good ol' Baby Boomers still heavily influence the economy.

    Hope you're having an OK week........

    Take Care......Jill........