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    i have been on all kinds of pain meds i am currently on 100 mgs of ms contin and doing fine. i remember from my pre med classes about the subutex.
    i do not intend to imply addiction about anyone, this drug has just recently been complimented on its pain mangement qualities as well. that is why i took it. so the info below is based on the studies from drug abuse but still applies to us as well. thnks

    buprenorphine is the main drug in the mix it is an old thebain opoid. they have started using it for narcotic maintaince as opposed to methadone. CAUTION if they give you suboxone you have to be shure that you have no other narcotics in your system or u will go into instant withdrawl, (aches, vomiting ect). people have died from lying to the drs and getting suboxone and still be abusing other narcotics so when they take the suboxone it throws them into violent withdraws. it has a drug called naloxone in it which is used for narcotic overdose by stopping the effects of the narcotic real fast. they bring u out of surgery with it as well.
    SUBUTEX has just the buprenorphine in it and is given to the addict after the 2 week of abstinince when they do not have to worry about abuse of other things. here is an example, say i was on 4 mgs of suboxone for a week and have never taken narcotics before and ingested 20 mgs of oxycontin or even 100 mgs of it. the oxycontin would be rendered useless by the naloxone in the subtex. so no high for me.
    however if the reverse is true and i was abusing 300 mgs of oxycontin a day and took the suboxone i would go into withdrawl real fast (matter of seconds).
    the subutex (just buprenorphine) has a great affinity for the pain receptors in the brain , so other narcotics can not knock them off.
    bottom line if you are on any pain med no matter for how long, and they give u SUBOXONE u better be shure the other is out of your system. i always waited until i was in withdrawl all i could stand before taking it.
    i was on it for 6 months and could not aford it.
    i hope this helped some all be well
    bill in kc
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    I am currently on 90mg a day of codeine for IBS
    100mg SR tramadol
    I want to try subutex. di i need to get off the other meds first or can i start the subutex and then get off the others?