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    my daughter is about to turn 18, she lives with her mother and we have had a very close and good relationship until 3 weeks ago. the mom called me and said she needed $1200.00 for my daughter to go to college and finish high school. i told them i just didnt have it or no way to get it. and they let me have it from faking be sick to never working a day in my life the whole nine yards.
    so i got to thinking about my back pay for my ss disability check. when i got approved my back pay was $22500.00 and she got half of it plus she would recieve a monthly amount for my daughter until she is 18yrs old.
    i am also paying $455.00 in child support that comes out of my ssi each month. any way a guy slipped up and told me she was getting 2- checks from ssi in the amount of $533.00 each plus she got $11500.00 it the very beggining.
    the mother told me she would be putting the money in a account for kylie intil she is 18. well i have a feeling it is all gone on a new house and new cars. any way my daughter told me to go and f*7*k myself tonight while the her mother was lakughing in the back ground.
    does any one know if the ssi disability is for my daughter ? i was never married to the mohter.
    thanks all bill
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    Hi wangotango. To my understanding yes ssd is for dependents. and at you can ask ss to see if they can review her case. because there money is supposed to be for the child. Sometimes ss will ask for proof that the money was used for the child. My cousin was getting ssd for her daughter because of the childs father being disabled she she was audited one year and was asked for receipts showing how the money was spent. I know of several people who have been audited for their kids ss. You may want to look into it.
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    i'm so sorry this happened to you, i imagine you are crushed.

    that's sad that the mother is letting you take the bad rap for her mistakes, and that your daughter is being misled.

    maybe first talk to the mother and your daughter, and explain to them how you're confused as to where all that money went, and explain that if SS knew about none of the money being used for your daughter, that there could be some serious trouble. i bet that may change their tune.

    your also sending alot of money each month in child support, that's a shame they are making you feel bad, knowing you are on a fixed income.

    try not to let it bother you too bad, it sounds like something fishy is up, and you did not not do anything wrong.

    i believe your daughter will come around. sounds as if her mother has a big influence on her thinking right now.

    i hope evrything works itself out for you soon.<3