hey all thanks for all the response and darude !!!

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    yes i still have the macroadenoma and it causes mass effect sometimes (where all my horomones go bazerk) i have been able to shrink it with bromocrimptine but its nothing that will kill me now.
    i think the point i was trying to make was when i first became ill every little test that was done i went over it and tried to connect the dotts for my fatigue. i believe everyone goes thru that phase and also working with doctors and nurses in the field when i became ill, they really showed me what i was going up against, (ya know oh lazy whiny bill) syndrome.
    i know this much i never used to set on the couch and say mom and dad i know what i want to be now, i want to have cfs that no one believes in, and not be able to carry out my goals or hold a job, be the family joke and the talk of the doc's office, hurt all the time. the only real problem with my goal was making others believe it.
    another story before i go, in 1985 i worked for golds gym in kansas city mo. these 2 older women that i helped and ran around with told me one day the young arrogant golds gym workers were demanding that they buy all these products one being ammino-acids. it was really bothering them so i brought a college med book on the ammino-acids. a very good thick read and deep. i told them to show it to them and ask them to explain the ones they were refering to and how they worked. it eneded the tip of the iceburg training the young guys had.
    i thank god for the ability i had to work with chiropracters and the other side of medicine, it give's me the willy's sometimes to think how far apart the 2 are but yet divided by a hair.
    every one be well bill
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    Hi Bill! I will be seeing an endo in January and also having another MRI as i also have 40 other lesions very small all under 5mm. Anyway the neuro says lesions all normal course of aging apart from the pituitary one of course. In me the pituitary one is causing hypertension, diabetes, muscle pain, osteo etc. Think possibly growth hormone being affected. Anyway this guy friend of mine was having stroke like episodes and then they found a macro and he also could not have the surgery so they did radiation and he is now symptom free.