hey all you want to feel better ?

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  1. kevgt2000

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    drink grean tea atleast 6 cups or buy the arizona bottles green with honey i drink 60 oz a day and i can say i feel 10 times better then i use too plus i have a glass of welches concord grape juice a day and take a multi vit daily.

    To sum up, here are just a few medical conditions in which drinking green tea is reputed to be helpful:

    rheumatoid arthritis
    high cholesterol levels
    cariovascular disease
    impaired immune function

  2. futurehope

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    About the green tea. I have seen those Arizona bottles in the store. Do they taste good? I have tried a few green teas and they were terrible!! It was warm tea and it dried my mouth out so very bad!!!!

    I like Welch's Grape Juice too!!

    I cannot take a multi-vitamin because there must be one or more of the vitamins in it that gives me a headache.

    I will try that Arizona Green Tea though! I like cold tea.

  3. Cromwell

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    As there is caffeine in most green tea I wondered if this one is decaf?

    Anne C
  4. lovethesun

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    We have to stick with the tea bags.
  5. BethM

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    yes, green tea has caffeine, a bit less than black tea, much less than coffee. It can be bitter and astringent, causing that drying sensation in the mouth, IF it is brewed too long. You can also find decaf green tea.

    I love my tea, am very particular about the quality of the tea I drink. Stash makes an excellent tea, as does Good Earth. I buy loose teas in bulk from a store called Teavana, when I can. At the moment I am drinking jasmine green tea mixed with rooibos and peach teas. Heavenly!

    Be sure not to brew green tea for longer than about 3-5 minutes. Also, pour the hot water just before it comes to a full boil, as that makes a smoother brew.

    I do sweeten my tea, and yes, I use splenda, but that is the only place I use it.

    Be sure to read the labels on the bottles of iced tea, be wary of high sugar content, high fructose corn syrup (nasty stuff), and Nutrasweet. If calories are a factor, check that too, and watch for the numbers of serving per bottle.

    You can brew green tea overnight in the refrigerator, too, for a smooth and lovely iced tea.

    You can also buy green tea extract in dropper bottles, to add to water and beverages.

    I love that something so pleasant is also healthy and good for us!

    Peace, Beth.

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  6. mlp1954

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    I get in a large 24 oz can, tall can, it is sugar free, sweetened with Splenda, Green Tea by Arizona, I love it. It is the best and doesnt taste like sugar free at all. Comes in a gallon too. I think it is available in decaf. I drink it at work. Yummy
  7. futurehope

    futurehope New Member

    That all of the green teas I have tried (warm tea) have absolutely parched me. My mouth has never been drier and the taste YUCK!!!

    Also, the ones I have tried are not decaffinated (sp), and they made me jittery. I never drink coffee or pop.

    I would really love to find a green tea, because I know they are very good for you.

    I love cold regular tea. It would be nice to find a green tea I can drink cold, that tastes good, and is decaffinated (sp.).

    Also, I have heard that green tea can make you lose weight, I absolutely need to gain weight. I am only
    5' 3 1/2" and 86 lbs, all bones, so the sugar does not bother me.

  8. mme_curie68

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    I have gone completely off coffee and now drink green tea exclusively with honey for sweetner and a little milk.

    Good tea is almost impossible to get in a regular grocery store. My sister turned me on to "www.specialteas.com" - you can get sample packs of any kind of tea for 1 - 2 dollars US each.

    I started with a "Green Tea Sampler" pack and now order different ones from their catalog. They're located in CT, and you can get tea via priority mail.

    Madame Curie
  9. Jgavi

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  10. sisland

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    Tea is the only thing i drink all day!! herbal decaf. all different kinds!.......... theres no calories,sugar etc...

    celestial seasonings makes a great decaf green tea! all i know is that a teabag makes water taste alot better!!
    god bless! sisland
  11. painandagony

    painandagony New Member

    Wow, you're lucky. I don't want to sound rude, but if you're feeling better by drinking green tea, your body must not be as sick as the rest of us. I drink green tea all the time and it doesn't do a thing for me. Plus i've done every supplement/vitamin known to man. Good for you though, i am glad you feel better.
  12. petsrme

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    Green tea was a blessing for me! I have gone from 200 pounds to 162 since Sept 2005 from drinking it. I had tried for years to take off the pounds I had put on from being sick and inactive and nothing else worked. My bloodpressure has gone down and I am sure my cholesterol has too. I haven't had it checked yet so I can't say for sure. I know that the reason green tea worked for me is because I gained weight from lowered metobolism. I went from being active to doing almost nothing. I didn't change the amount I ate, but the weight piled on. Therefore when I started drinking the tea and didn't change anything else, it upped my metobolism and the weight began falling off slowly but surely.

    If anyone has any questions just click on my username and look for posts on green tea. Most of you have probably already read it, but just in case that will give you more information so I don't have to repeat it.

    I still have pain and the same symptoms from my illness though. The big differences have been in my immune system and metabolism. I don't get sick as often and run fevers. Green tea won't get rid of all your symptoms, but if you have a lowered metabolism and immune system it may help a little.
  13. Tantallon

    Tantallon New Member

    I suppose this will be the same as drinking green tea, now I will definately place the order.

    Thank you for the info it's helped me make my mind up about ordering the supplement.

    Cheers, Sue
  14. achy

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    You can use your Coffee Pot..(or a tea pot)

    Put 12 cps of water in your coffee pot...put 7 green tea bags in the pot..turn on. Let the tea steep for about 5-10 mins...yes that long.

    Put tea in a gallon jug, then fill w/ water and sweeten if you like. Hubby and I drink a jug a day.

    If you really like regualr tea..use half green tea and half reg. tea bags.

    much cheaper to make yourself and not time consuming
  15. kevgt2000

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    i keep positive and i don't drell that i have fibromyalgia,
    i try to stay pos everyday. you know what my body aches everyday,

    and i deal with it, but i don't let this hold me back, i just think staying positive and eating and drinking right, helps.

    i just wanna let people know that it is helping me feel better everyday..

    hope it helps you too... you can get green tea decaf or reg in packages or arizone or joe s grn tea or any brand

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  16. sues1

    sues1 New Member

    I do not know if it works the same.....but you can get green tea in capsules. Does anyone use it?

    With any tea, do not squeeze the bag, as you remove it, or you tea is bitter.Lipton has green tea with citrus in a bottle.......it is very good. Also a raspberry with green tea. The one with citrus comes in a diet bottle also, besides the regular. Also regular green tea in the bottle with no fruit added. I had not tried the regular one.
  17. jane32

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    Did it help with your fevers? I tend to run fever cyles. Did you take anything else to make you feel better with the fevers and such?

    I am so glad you feel better.