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    Good to log in and see a rash of posts, lifted my spirits.

    Granni - I hope you are enjoying yourself. I dont see any more storm
    or tornado warnings so presuming you have begun your trip.

    Julie - hope you too were able to work in a massage or chiro practise
    while accompanying Lindsey. You do so much so its so important you
    get some extra TLC. Glad to hear Lindsey was feeling better. Carrying
    twins aint no joke.

    We cut our grass with a scythe. Dont hv so much a lawn so its not that
    hard. My MIL has a big compound with cultivated grass so she has a lawn
    mower but the manual kind.

    Rock - it was nice to see you. And get educated on some interesting
    stuff as usual. Have you been walking Zippy lately or Zippy been walking
    you? Hope you hv been able to get enough energy to up and about a little.
    Not fun to be confined to home for many days.

    Georgia - ive got bouts of those episodes when i feel the full brunt of
    CFS. total exhaustion. and therefore panic thinking of the stuff needs to
    be getting done or people needing to be met. but somehow i seem to hv
    got thru it this week. and what a week its been. so much visiting/cooking
    to do.

    it will be nice for you and Grandpa to get together with the lady whose
    SO is also from Mexico. So much reminiscing. I just love when i meet up
    with people from my hometown.

    Jole - wish you were able to hv an overnight stay while visiting. i know i
    would probably rathr not go than get so exhausted. ive missed many
    a trip with dhs relatives and my own (mostly pilgrimages to out of town
    holy sites)because i cant take all that travelling.

    heck, i need to lie down for a full day after having a busy day interacting
    with people at a function or gathering the previous day. I somehow drag
    myself thru it all and then soon as i reach home, collapse. luckily the dh
    understands by now.

    I did manage to get thru this week somehow. Its been like three days on
    the go.

    Yesterday dhs uncle called me to attend a golden jubilee function of a
    little school in his neighbourhood of which he is on the board of trustees.
    My BIL also was called and of course uncles wife and daughter. Uncle had
    helped with the organising and i had to send over a coffee table for the
    podium and niece had told me how her living room was empty because
    uncle had sent all his sofas and coffee tables for the event. once there i
    noticed all my aunts flower pots too which she has carefully tended,
    geraniums, pelargoniums and potted bougainvillea decorating the stage.
    I hope they dont mind the moving to and fro and keep flourishing,

    The chief guest was the President of the country and the place was swarming
    with detectives, it was unnerving. I got there early before my BIL or aunt
    reached and had plenty of time to look around and observed the security people going about their business. Two beautiful black labs came and sniffed
    around and in addition to the twenty or so detectives wearing the national attire, there was some army personnel some of whom perched on the terraces
    of the surrounding buildings, and then some policemen. Good lord, how much is it costing the country for one visit to a little school? But we just had a bomb blast in the city some months back where three people died so...

    it was scorching (100 degrees F) and i got the beginnings of a headache,
    even under the tent. the president was late by an hour and a half as is usual
    here, and i left soon as the speeches were over and the president made his move. My BIL dropped me off in town while he went on to his work. aunt and cousin sis stayed on till evening.

    today was cooking cooking cooking all morning, i bungled some recipes up
    but the food was edible, so thats all right, and then just time to hve me
    a bath and make son take his, and then we packed all the food into sons
    car and drove to MILs. we were the last to arrive, everyone else waiting
    impatiently and hungrily to start lunch.

    Fourteen of us. I was the only person who cooked a non veg dish, i made
    chicken because SIL and her dh and daughter are vegetarians.

    We sat around after eat ing and then in eve SIL, and her daughter and
    dhs cousin sisters and myself went off to the nearby malls to shop for some
    last min stuff they wanted to take.

    when i got back i was so tired i just managed to put some rice on cooker for
    son to eat with his chicken and let the help do the pile of dishes from morning
    (I had left it all on the counter, haha) and went and had me a snooze.

    its one am, i had to let out one of the dogs and found the lights still on,
    so i came here and logged in. good grief it is so freaking hot, my room was
    like a furnace.

    God Bless

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