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    Hey girlie, got tired of loading our other thread. Sounds like Joe is running ragged too. I bet he is nervous waiting for next Thursday and the results. Dave had hernia surgery and boy I don't wanna go through that again if ya know what I mean. Jeez you would have thought that he was undergoing MAJOR surgery...LOL

    Kris has learned how quick things can change in a vehicle. The Trooper was very nice, thank goodness no ticket on his record ( yet..LOL ) He must have really liked Kris because he called us Thursday and said he decided to write it up as two seperate accidents so the two other cars couldn't say that Kris caused them xtra damage by sliding into the cars that had already wrecked. Nice guy!

    Well off to the TM, Dave was off last night so we're heading out to finish our shopping. A couple of things for Matthew and I am finally done. New Years is my favorite, just sit around and eat pork and sauerkraut!

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    Ya should have seen Joe after his circumsision!! That was like worse than an amputation!! Poor baby.. There is a reason women have the babies ya know!!

    I'm glad the trooper was cool with Kris.. I was the third car in a 4 car pile up when I was about 16.. I slid into the first two cars and then the lady in front of me tried to say I pushed her into the car in fronto of her.. Of course the cops believed her because I was a kid till a witness stepped forward! How much damage is there to Kris's car?

    Hmmmm... I don't like New years either!! I have to work like 14 hours! We have a big bash in the Ballroom.. like $400 bucks a couple but it includes thier room, appetizers and champange in their room, hosted premium cocktails all night, tray passed and buffet appetizers.. 5 course gourmet dinner with special wines, live band, dancing.. champagne toast and balloon drop at midnight.. all the party favors and ice sculptures..

    New years day, I crash and burn.. I think I have stayed in bed most of the day on New years for the last 8 years! Luckily Joe works and Micaela usually goes to her dad's so I bask in the glory of painpills and blankies!!

    No break from the brides.. 1st wedding of the year is January 7th.. Fussy one too!!

    Ok.. I gots to get busy!! I just realized I'm supposed to have specialty menus typed for a group coming in at lunch!
    Love ya bunches!!
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    Dave and I never go anywhere New Years Eve so it hadn't even hit me that it is a HUGE night for you. You'll be dead woman walking by New Years Day. Keep your butt in bed and don't get up til Monday. What bride is wantin to get married on Jan. 7th??? Jeez hubby will never have money for an anniversary gift after just paying for Christmas!

    Kris came home from the guitar shop last night floating on air, he sold his first Martin! Tax and all 1100 bucks... CASH !! I'm hoping my old buddy Dick will give the kid a little bonus next week-end. Originally we thought he was only going to work through the holidays for him but Dick has already asked him to stay on on Saturdays. That way Dick and Matt can each take a Saturday off now and then.

    Matthew is coming early today to spend the morning with me. Tj is working on an entertainment center at the wordshop that he needs done by Christmas to hold the tv that mom and I bought him and Amy. Can't wait to get my hands on the chap since this grandma doesn't get to see him much. He'll be trying to find his name on packages under the tree...LOL

    Well better get on the TM and showered B4 he gets here. I suppose this is another crazy day for you, glad you get to go shopping tomorrow but you'll be pooped from that too!

    Love ya!
    anything from Ali??
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    I'm running on empty today Tona.. I am so exhausted.. The parties got pretty wild last night so I pulled a 15 hour shift before I was able to leave.. I'm paying today.. My lymph nodes are back up.. I feel like I got beat with a stick.. The clean up guys have already turned in a wallet, a handbag, a set of earrings and one ladys high heel from cleaning the ballroom this morning.. I'm thinking cinderella must have been here with the one shoe!

    Oh well.. I just have to get through today and the rest of next week isn't that busy.. Most of the corporate parties are done tonight.. If I can just make it through today.. I'm thinking I may call in sick Monday that would give me three days off in a row to recooperate..

    New years has already been sold out for a week.. I have about 15 couples on the waiting list.. It is huge.. Luckily I don't have to stay for the whole event. Just till all the food service is done. So I should be home in bed by 11..

    January's bride is kind of a weird story.. The groom lost his wife to cancer.. leaving him with 4 young children. His bride was their maid of honor and the deceased wifes cousin. They are really sweet just very, very needy. My file for them is like 2 inches thick. She e-mails me everyday just about with some new idea or little change she wants to make.. alot of detail.

    Tell Kris way to go on his Martin. That is the only kind of guitar my dad would ever play when he had his band. He still has a Martin that was his Dad's. It's (I think) about a 40's model.. still has perfect tone.. That would be great if Dick would kick down a little! That's cool if he gets to stay on... a day or two a week is perfect while he is in school.. Just enough for a little spending money!

    I'm so glad you get some time with Matthew. Jessilyn is supposed to come stay with us for a week after Chrismas.. I can't wait! She is so used to having the babies around all the time she deserves to have some one on one with her Grandma.. + Micaela is Jessilyns hero.. It should be fun.. I am going to try to take a few vacation days while she is here. Micaela will be able to take care of her while I'm working, but Grandma needs time to spoil her!

    Well.. I'm gonna run down and talk the servers out of a double expresso.. see if I can get woke up!

    Loves you!

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    more of that lousy white stuff this morning, this is gonna be a LONG winter!

    I hope you called off today and don't read this until Tuesday. You're going to crash big time if you don't get some down time, you can't keep this pace up! I worry about you alot right now.

    Didn't cinderella notice she was limping when she left the party?? Jeez, musta been some shindig!

    Had a ball with Matthew, did a lot of coloring Saturday..LOL He was all concerned with the packages under mamaw's tree. Tj gets him over Christmas break so I'm going to have to two days while the 'boys' are out muzzle gun hunting. You're lucky to have girls, that way you don't miss out on the kids if the parents split up. Lauren has decided I'm the anti-christ are something because I'm Tj's mom. Doesn't stop to think about the year she lived in my house scott free and all the money help on getting their first apartment. Oh well nothing I can do about it but take what I can get.

    No TM til this afternoon, Dave is hauling my sorry butt to the grocery when he gets home from work. The mustang does not leave the garage when the white stuff if on the ground. Owe too much dang money on it! LOL

    Kris and I went to church yesterday, the kids were having their Christmas program... so sweet to watch!

    Well better get busy, I hope you're still in one piece.....

    Lots of hugz!!
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    and not sick!
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    I was so exhausted by the end of this weekend I was non-functional.. Monday I stayed in bed till 2pm.. got up did a little bit around the house and went back to bed..yesterday was my normal day off.. finished what shopping I had to do.. took Micaela to school and came home and crashed out again.. No more shopping!! I'm done..done..done!! Well.. I still need a couple of stocking stuffers..

    I still feel crummy.. Sore throat.. muscle aches.. you know the kind of days where everything hurts.. you can't quite pick out what hurts because it's easier to pick what doesn't.. hmmm.. my ears don't hurt.. my feet don't hurt.. I think that's about it!! lol!

    Micaelas tonsils are so swollen she can't hardly swallow.. She layed on the couch with me most the night last night crying.. I finally dosed her up with Tylenol PM and Nyquil to knock her out so she could sleep.. Luckily I still have most of a script of pennicillin from last time she had Tonsilitis so hopefully it will kick it..She is doing a little better this morning..

    Oh Tona.. you know.. that white stuff makes great pictures but I couldn't handle living in it anymore.. Don't know how you do it!!

    oh.. Cinderella still hasn't claimed her shoe.. must not remember where she left it!! That group is always pretty wild.. they just booked again for next year!

    I'm glad you got some fun time with Matthew.. It's too bad about Lauren.. unfortunatly that's the way it usually goes.. they don't realize you don't have to divorce the entire family.. You and Dave could give that Boy alot if she would let you.. and kids need their grandparents.

    I don't blame you for not wanting to drive your mustang.. I hate even driving in the fog and rain.. snow.. Nope.. not for me!!

    Hope you are doing good.. I've got to play catch up for being out of the office so long!!

    Love ya!
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    is Christmas over yet? I'm tired of this mess. Off to the store this morning to buy all the groceries for Christmas Eve and Christmas day then home to start the cleaning process.... UGH Spent all day yesterday in bed reading. Plain old hurt like heck, hadn't had one of those days in a while.

    So do you have ANY time off for Christmas?? Is Michaela feeling any better today? Poor kid, the penicillin should help once it gets in her system good. Hope it's not strep throat cuz then you could get it too.... just what you DON'T need!

    Hey get this, by the end of the week are we are getting up to 45 WOO HOO break out the deck furniture I'm gonna tan!! Maybe I can let that dang wood stove burn out for a couple of days. It hasn't been out since Thanksgiving and guess who feeds it the wood? I figure if Dave has to work all those hours the LEAST I can do is feed the stove. Just wish I didn't have to go downstairs to do it!

    Hope you are doing well today, I'll check in later when I take a coffee break... have a great day girl!


    Missed a couple words in my last post. Meant to say I have Matthew Tues and Weds while the boys hunt... YAY, gotta get more crayons!
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    jk!! nope.. it's not over yet!! I'll be glad when it's done.. Joe got me one of those massage matts that you lay on.. hmmmmm... It's the only thing I've pointed out lately and that's the only thing that big box under the tree could be!! I'm just hoping it helps and doesn't hurt.. Though with the wild childs back problems at least I can stick her on it when she's whining... MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM Massuese me!!!
    I've got to where my hands can't massage like they used to. They hurt!

    Gosh Tona.. I haven't even thought about what to cook for Christmas Eve.. I don't cook Christmas cuz Joe has to work and I have to drive Micaela 3 hours up to her sisters and back so we do our little Christmas on Christmas Eve.. AND.. I have to work Christmas eve till 5! Hopefully my boss will feel sorry for me and let me shut down the office early! hmmmm Maybe I'll just bring home food from the restuarant and forget the cooking.. Oooohhh! The bakery is making some killer pumpkin cheesecake and eggnog cheesecake.. not to mention Bailey's chocolate cheesecake.. maybe we will just have cheesecake for dinner.. I think that sounds like a 3 course meal to me! lol!

    Gosh a day reading would be heaven!! I know what you mean.. I've been having too many hurt all over days lately. I've just about depleted the last of my vicodan..

    I could take some Vacation time over the holidays.. might take one or two days if Jessilyn comes down but I'm trying to save it for Joe's surgery and the wedding..

    Micaela is almost back to normal! She goes through this at least a couple of times a year. They need to just yank her danged tonsils out and be done with it. I've learned to get her on antibodics at the first sign of inflamation and usually it will kick it pretty fast.

    I'm at it early this morning.. I came in with Joe so we wouldn't have to deal with getting my car home this afternoon. We are taking off work at 2:45 to be at is ortho at 3:50.. It's exactly one hour drive so we better hope we don't hit traffic. We get the results of his MRI with Contrast today and find out if it's one surgury or two.. and hopefully when..

    I went to the bathroom a few minutes ago and Security locked me out of my office. Didn't realize I was here already.. I'm like " Dude!! My computers on.. my keys are on my desk.. the lights are on.. I'm HERE!!! I had to sit and wait 10 minutes for him to finish his rounds and get me back in.. Danged security guy thinks he's robo-cop!!

    Hey, don't forget to use that sunscreen while your tanning!!
    It's getting to mid 50's during the day here this week and high 30's, low 40's at night.. I'm telling you.. you really need to make Kris stock that stove!! They can't even burn them here. The air quality in the valley is so bad they have air quality reports when they do the weather reports. I can't remember the last time we were in the healthy range. It's against the law to use a fireplace or woodstove on "no-burn" days.. which is most of the time. Luckily we don't get as cold as you guys.. But I know our gas and electric bill for this month was just short of $200 bucks and I expect it will be higher next month. I can imagine what yours would be if you were having to depend on a regular heater..

    Crayons... and Playdough!! Every kid loves playdough and you can get the cheap version at the dollar store!! Or make your own bread dough clay.. I think it's just 1 part salt to 1 part flour with enough water to make a dough.. knead the heck out of it and then when you are done making your creations you can bake them at 375 till they are hard and paint them..or you can glaze them with egg whites before you bake.. makes great x-mas tree ornaments to tease him about when he's grown!!

    Well, I'm going to wonder in back and make a double expresso before the kitchen gets to busy for me to be back there..

    Loves you bunches!!!
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    I want the bailey's cheesecake ALL to myself.... that sounds so good! We just have junk on Christmas eve, this year I'm trying a new warm spinach dip recipe that has rotel tomatoes in it... love hot/spicy stuff here.

    We are back from the store and Dave finally went to bed. Having hubby sleep in the daytime is the pits. Can't run the sweeper and make noise when you want to and by the time he gets up I'm out of the mood. Tomorrow is cleaning day.... ugh

    Let me know what you find out about Joe and I hope it isn't TWO surgeries, he won't live through both of them cause you'll kill him! If Dave ever needs another one I'm heading to moms house and comin home after he's healed and done whinin!

    Love ya!
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    to hear what the doc had to say about Joe. This is my cleaning day so gotta get busy and run that sweeper before Dave gets home from work. I'll check in later girly......
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    Ok.. so get this!! First we get lost in Fresno because between Joe and I, we have 4 different specialists over there.. I'm telling him it's on fir street and it's on first street miles away!! Soooo.. we are late. Joe is cussing up a storm because the traffic is nuts..

    We get there and wait an hour anyway.. The doctor comes in and says I've got great news!! Your rotater cuff isn't as bad as it looked without the contrast, we don't need to do surgury on it. He thinks his pain is from one ripped tendon in the shoulder.

    Soooooo... the doctor tells him.. we may have an alternative to surgury for your tendon.. I want to try a cortisone shot into the tendon and see if that doesn't bring the inflamation down enough for it to heal..

    Joe hit the roof!! HOW LONG IS THE NEEDLE???!!!!
    Can't I just take Pain Pills??
    I don't want a shot!!! I would rather have surgery than a shot!!

    He was like a 4 year old refusing his school shots.. It was hilarious!!! The doctor is like, JOE... I won't do the surgury unless you try the shot first.. now get on that table and take off your shirt..

    Joe is sitting on the table clutching the front of his shirt refusing to take it off.. He looked like a deer in the head lights! Wouldn't speak.. The doctor is telling him to take his shirt off and he is just froze.. can't speak.. won't let go of his shirt!!!

    I finally had to sit on the table with him... hold his hand, calm him down, then I distracted him long enough for the Doc to jam the needle in!! (just like you would do with a kid!)

    Needless to say.. the shot was not that bad.. I have never laughed so hard in my life! (Of course to myself.. I wouldn't dare laugh our loud at him at this point!)

    You got to remember that Joe looks like a Wrestler!! He is 280 lbs.. His arms are as big as most peoples thighs.. and here he is scared to get a shot!!

    As we are leaving the Doctor looks at him and says.. Boy.. you are really a tough guy!!

    Anyway.. I hope it works.. he seems to be feeling a little better already this morning..

    Too Funny!! Now we know why women have the babies!

    We finally hit a dead point in the office.. No more parties till New years.. the restaurant is getting hit really hard but our phones are hardly ringing.. Thank goodness!

    My back is killing me today.. It started in yesterday and won't let up.. I tried pain pills, a hot bath, ben gay.. and I was still on the verge of tears most of the night. It's a little better today but not much.. You know how you can't get comfortable no matter how you sit or how you move.. uggh!

    Ok.. I'm off to get some coffee! You have a great day!

    Love ya!

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    I am still laughing! I had my cortisone shot in my shoulder and it made it feel lots better, I'm glad I did it. Hopefully joe's will be better too.... jeez men are HORRIBLE babies!

    My back is a mess too, like you been on the pills and heating pad and whatnot. Had to bite the bullet today and start cleaning... now it's REALLY happy after pushing the sweeper through the house.

    Dave is now on vacation for nine days and Kris just about that many too... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa can I come visit you and eat some cheesecake????

    Glad you're having a bit of a break.Are you done after today???

    Merry Christmas friend, sure wish we lived a few thousand miles closer!
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    You know I used you for amunition while I was trying to talk him into it!! Joe.. you know my on-line friend Tona had it.. and it really helped her.. and she is just a small little woman and she could handle it...
    I am still laughing!

    I tell ya Tona.. if I was home today I wouldn't be pushing a sweeper or anything else today.. I can't even sit! I'm up and down.. can't get a grip on this.

    Jeez.. your gonna have both of the boys around for that long? your gonna be ready for them to go back!!

    I wish you did live closer.. Yeah.. I think you would make a wonderful coffee and cheesecake buddy!! Just to have a friend near who understood the score would be great huh! Oh well, even if the computer is our bridge through the miles I'm so grateful for you girlfriend!!

    I'm working (I hope) a half day tomorrow then I'm off Sunday, working Monday, off Tuesday, working Wednesday, off Thursday, on Friday, double shift New Years.. Then have to take my little Jessilyn back to her Mom's on New Years day.. Should be pretty easy from here on in though.. From now through February is pretty dead!

    If you aren't on tomorrow, you have a fabulous holiday!!
    Love ya bunches!!
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    so how is Joe? Like that little rhyme? LOL My shoulder is as if nothin was ever wrong with it, hopefully it'll do the same for Joe!

    I'm making some ambrosia today and a couple of pies. Other than that I'm taking it easy. We head to mother in law's at four and stay until six or so then on home to have Christmas with Kacey and Jalynn. We are really celebrating on that score, Tiffanie signed over full custody to Kacey and she signed the divorce papers too. Next Friday Kacey takes the papers before the Judge and it will all be over. Kacey and Jalynn live with Kacey's mom and stepdad and his sister Holly who is 17. Kacey's mom is the head of a big daycare so Jalynn is in school while Kacey works. It's a great situation for her, she has structure in her little life now. Hopefully Tiffanie will get clean and sober one day and be a good mama, I pray for that anyway.

    So what'd ya get Joe for Christmas? Car wax? Heatin pad? Gosh I'm awful... LOL

    It would be nice if you could get those days off of yours all together instead of one here one there!

    Well off to the TM..sigh... Have a great Christmas Donna and hug those babies of yours!

    Love ya bunches....
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    Well, Joe actually seems to be feeling better.. The only thing is I think he has grown fond of them pain pills.. so now I've got to get him weaned off of them.

    I am SO excited for Kacey! Even more so for Jalynn. That is such great news! I'm just really glad Tiffany realizes that this is best for her daughter. And though I'm sure it hurts her, and I'm sure she feels like a failure in doing so, it is the best thing she could do for her.. and that makes her the best mom she can be right now. In time I'm sure she will outgrow the druggie scene.. It may be too late then though.

    Tona.. I give ya credit.. I have not baked a single thing this year! I haven't even shopped for tonights dinner!!

    I asked Micaela and Joe what they wanted to tonight.. and while it's totally non-traditional.. We are ordering Pizza!
    (we definitaly live in a latino town.. it's from the "Pizza and Taqaria!" only in Avenal..)
    Joe's family all went to Mexico/Texas for the holidays so it's just the 3 of us and maybe Micaela's boyfriend.. ( oh yeah.. did I tell you they are back together?? Again!!!)

    I'm bringing home dessert from the restaurant and maybe some munchie stuff.. We make killer Coconut Almond Prawns.. so maybe a few orders of appetizers.. I do not have the energy to go home and cook tonight and still pretend to be festive! I think I'd rather go home and sleep!!

    Joe pretty much bought his own christmas present when he decided on that danged Durango!! Between coming up with the down payment and the first payment due yesterday, he put us in a pinch for Christmas!

    I asked him what he wanted and he says a flashlight! A flashlight??? Please!!! He is turning into my Grandfather!!

    Anyways, we got him this flashlight/trouble-light with a siren, am/fm radio and a clock built in.. yipes! All the boy toys rolled into one! And of course the usual.. warm clothes for the winter, new wallet, new work boots.. the usual..

    Micaela is so much more fun to shop for!! And of course the babies! I found a series of Signing DVD's for Maddy online. They are all done to songs.. fun kid's videos but they teach you like 35 new words in each one. This will be good for the whole family because all of them have to be able to sign to understand her. Little Jaden is already starting to sign with Maddy.

    It is so boring here today it is just pathetic.. I keep waiting for my boss to tell me I can leave! The phones have only rang once all morning and it was a wrong number! I should be playing catch up and getting everything in shape for next year but things have been so brutal since Thanksgiving that the reprieve is great!

    Well.. I hope you have fun at your MIL tonight! And hope Santa is good to you.. Micaela and I are leaving for Salinas at 4:30 in the morning tomorrow so I won't be back on line till Monday..

    Have a wonderful Christmas..hope it's not to cold.. not to white..
    Love you much!!
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    Hope Santa was good to you!!

    I am absolutly pooped! Between Helen and my step-daughters we had 9 kids under 8 over there yesterday.. plus all the parents.. my ex and his wife.. etc.. NUThouse!!

    Micaela and I were up by 4 am and on the road by 5 to get up there before 8 so the little ones could open their presents.. We get there, the kids are all up and the parents
    are still asleep!! (all the bigger kids.. Helen and Dwayne weren't there yet with the babies..)
    Ok.. so we have on kid playing a fake guitar.. one a accordian.. a cd player going.. a dvd going.. stocking stuff from one end of the house to the other.. and this was just the beginning!!

    Long and exhausting day.. My arms hurt today from carrying around Maddy all day.. Santa was good to all but dang I was so tired I had to stop at the side of the road and sleep for a while on the way home.. And it's not even a 3 hour drive.. I couldn't keep my eyes open.. and I left early in the afternoon!!

    Came home and crawled on to my matt (Joe did get me the massage, heating pad thingy..) and crashed..

    I am worthless today..

    Gosh this lady just came in and yelled at me because one of the bathrooms is out of order. I mean we have a maintenance guy working on it.. We have other bathrooms but she totally went off on me!! Ok... it's my fault the bathroom broke and she had to wait in line?? She was like.. "THIS IS A PROBLEM.. DON'T YOU PEOPLE REALIZE IT'S BUSY!!!!"
    I mean come on.. It's being worked on.. Duh.. yeah we know it's busy..

    It's funny around here on the holidays.. People can be so nice.. or they just want to vent at someone and mine is the only office open.. I hear about everything from someone's meal being wrong to these crazy questions.. like "what are you going to do about the traffic jam? (hmmmm me?) When is the rain going to stop?? (uhhhh... let me guess!) Can you watch my dogs while we eat?? (errrrr... no.)
    I mean they will come in here and complain to me that someone took the parking space they wanted..

    Ok.. speaking of venting.. I'm done! lol! lol!

    SO... was Santa good to you?? How about the kids? Hope you had a great weekend.. I'll catch up with ya in a bit.. I guess I better go see how maintenance is doing on that toilet!!!

    love you!

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    It's over again for another year YAY !! As usual we had another crummy one, ALWAYS one of the kids have some kind of trouble during Christmas so we weren't suprised to find out that Amy and Tj had a fight Saturday morning and split up. Mind you we bought those kids a new TV for Christmas and Tj had spent two weeks building a new entertainment center for it to sit in..... so lots of tears again. He is staying at his dad's house right now. I keep hoping they will work it out but who knows. Tj brought Matthew down yesterday morning to have his gifts with us so I finally got to see him. Tj decided not to hunt today and tomorrow so I don't have him, Tj told Lauren he had to work all week since he is homeless so he didn't keep Matthew this week. How sad for everyone!!

    OTHER THAN THAT, everyone was happy with what they got. Tj built me a new birdfeeder I'll send a picture to your email later. Kris bought me a heated throw for when we don't have the woodstove going and I love it. That pad Joe bought sounds fantastic.... if ya get tired of it send it this way.....

    Years and years ago..lol.. I was a waitress and I HATED every minute because you couldn't make people happy to save your butt.. people are so RUDE! Thank goodness you know how to keep your temper. I finally learned to just tell them what I thought of them in my MIND and not out loud..LOL

    So Dave Kris and Kacey are in the woods right now. It will soon be daybreak, the best time of day to get one. They are all getting discouraged, well except Kacey since he got a couple doe gun season. My poor empty freezer...waaaaaaa I told Dave if I had taken the money for hunting license, deer tags, ammo, camo clothes, gas and food and headed to the store I coulda bought a side of beef.. wrapped and all! LOL They get ticked when I say that. Big babies

    If I can find some energy I am going to start putting all the decorations away. I have a bunch of disney on my tree and each one has it's own package it goes in so that takes a couple hours to do... always fun getting the stuff out but not putting it away.

    So did the wild child have a good Christmas? What did the boyfriend get her? Kris didn't have a girl to buy for this year so he saved a bundle! Speaking a Kris, he bought a telecaster a while back and Dick had him bring it to work Saturday and when Kris wasn't looking he put it in a brand new case and gave it to him. It was a $120. case so Kris was real happy...

    Ok girl, gotta get my sorry butt in gear. Hopefully today is one of your days off!

    Lotsa hugs!
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    sent you two pictures..... I'm pooped, got all the decorations and tree put away yesterday and cleaned. No deer so far... waaaaaaaaa
  20. tonakay

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