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    You asked in another post where we go in Mexico. If you have lived here I am sure you know about Rocky Point . . . we take our motorhome down and stay right on the ocean. Best time is in October - no more kids, most people are done vacationing and (no offense if you are one) Snowbirds haven't arrived yet. I can hardly wait to go this year after it being so HOT and now the humidity is just about doing me in - I can hardly wait till winter . . .
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    days to get back to you. Hope you see this. Sometimes the threads go pretty quickly. I assumed it was Rocky Point.
    I have been there a LONG time ago. I guess it has changed a lot. I would love to check it out again. ( Have been tied down with heavy duty family illness for years and years now, so my life is on hold.) I have also been to Kino Bay; nice but more of a headache to get to. I do love
    Tucson and the SW and can't get wait to get back. I guess
    Rocky Point has really develped a lot? Gotta go, will talk to you more later (Do you have Cfids or FMS or both?)
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    Hi Beckster - you wouldn't believe all the changes in Rocky Point . . . it is so Americanized and getting more and more expensive every year because of that. Really looking forward to getting back there.
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    Sorry I missed part of your question - brain fog don't cha know. I have FM and my Dr. considers my CFS as part of the FM. I have also developed a seizure disorder, acid reflux, anemia, cholesterol problems (pills make the FM much worse),allergies, migraines and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember right now . . . every thing that I do have developed after I got the FM.