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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mujuer, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. mujuer

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    I got your message on the fibro board. It sounds like we are on at different times. I get up early, have my coffee and then get on the board and I am off and on it all day until about 3:00. My husband gets home at 3:30 and then I hardly ever get back on the computer at night. If you are on the computer during the day sometime let me know.

    Yes we are in Mason County. It is beautiful over here. I just hate our crappy weather as it really affects how I feel. You know huh? P
  2. blkkat

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    hey girl here you are i was just in chat and fight4cure said there was a message here for me. cool i didn't even know about this place.can we chat here? during the week ill try and get on before you go off. but next week will be busy 4 me Tue i go to DR appt. also HUBBY is off to Alaska that day then home that frinight. so the kids are bugging me to let friends over CAUSE DAD won't be home and we can watch big screen in front room all nite and not wake DADDY!!!! they say PARTY!! so ill try ,HEEEHEE! im so glad to find someone that lives( HOME) on here. hope to get to know you better its so much easier when you have someone really understand what ,how and maybe why were feeling this way. im so sorry but my brain is so shot i don't remember, do you have FM < CFS ALSO . if i can think right you have a lot of the same things as me right. ill have to go back and look up your bio. hope to get to a place where both feel we can give out each others email. Ive given mine to 3 so far and only one knows my full name ,address, and phone number. shes becoming fast best friends and she lives in Kansas, we talk on phone at least 3 times a week. shes a blessing. well need to go my son wants to put a movie in up in my room to watch w/ me. hope you get to ride soon. boy what id give to ride again i can just almost remember how it felt, so free, the air, sun on back ,face.oh boy i sure miss it. i road a small street bike year round in Colorado springs when i lived there. burrrr was winter a B but i loved it. had a 300 suzuki, around 7 i road a Honda 50 , then a XR- 75 , what a blast growing up riding dirt bikes. well thanks for posting me hope to keep this going, HUGS YOUR NEW WASH> BIKERCHIC---BLKKAT
  3. mujuer

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    Sounds like you have a busy week lined up. That's funny about what you said about you have a friend in Kansas. I was born and raised there. Small world huh? I am not on here much thru the weekends but had a few seconds so I though I would get back to you. I will try to find you in chat next week. I don't think we can use this for one on one chat. Enjoy your kids next week. I miss the hell outta mine and wish they were all still home. P
  4. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    oh thought we could talk here . but i geuss maybe not. hope to see you in live chat , take care ,your new crazy friend blkkat
  5. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    we can chat here or not but I just looked at some others threads and it appears tht they are doing some one on one chats. I guess they will let us know. I really have enjoyed finding the fibro board. I was sooooo lost before I found it and found it to be so helpful. Fibro is so hard to deal with some days and it's nice to have a support group that you don't have to get into the car and drive too. I just hope it doesn't get passed down to my kids.

    I had company all weekend and am feeling a little wiped out now. If you get a minute in your hectic schedule this week, give me a hollar. P
  6. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hi friend , yes it is hard to deal with this. hope you had a good visit w/ your friends. due get some rest though, if you can .leave the cleaning for another day, or you may go into more of a flare than normal. well hubbys off to Alaska early morning . my 19 year old son who also just started showing signs ,well is in severe pain after a few hard days of work , he just started Prozac and it is helping at least w/ his mood , which in turn helps one deal w/pain better. anyway sorry got sidetracked there. hes taking me to my DR appt at 4;30 tomorrow. hes off till hubby gets home so what a blessing cause i have a very hard time getting up out of bed in then mornings. due you ever feel like a out of body feeling? maybe its just me but i hope im not getting depressed more than normal again. i hate the crying i go through. sorry i dont really know you well enough to dump all my crap on you sorry.
    Ive been sick real bad now for almost 3 years and im getting to the point were im in bed more and more every week. i hope you dont get this way. well new friend ill chat at you soon , talk to you tomorrow nite.

    HUGS BLKKAT IN king county.
  7. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    where have you been ? miss our little chats. hope to hear from you soon . your friend blkkat

    ps -riding yet?
  8. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I just got up and poured that first wonderful cuppa joe. How is your week going? Still pretty busy? I have been walking with a neighbor every day that it is nice. Other then that I have sewing my grandaugher (she just turned one) a little sunsuit and now that it is done, I am going to make me something.

    No riding yet. I am waiting for better weather and a free weekend. We have installing our own fence and boy does that take some time. No fun either. I am definetely down on the funometer. Most of my friends work so I have nobody to goof off with. I have alot of boring long days. My husband is from here and his family is here but I have no family here. Getting pretty tired of living here with the weather. Do you guys have big plans for the fourth? P
  9. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hey you, nice to hear from you. i wish i could sew . i do knit ,scarfs & hats is all can tackle. made (THE WHOLE FAMILY ) scarfs last year even if they didn't want them they got one. no plans for the 4th you? we stay home, but this year hubby got the whole week off but can't really go anywhere because i have to be here to drug the 15 year old cat , and the one year old dog. plus its such a war zone around here I'm afraid our house will catch on fire, really its bad here!! were are you from , did you tell me? and i wonder if i know your hubbies family, i know a lot of last names from around that area , I'm from PORT ORCHARD, BREMERTON , and the arm pit of AMERICA ( GORST ) cough cough!!!eeewwwww i know . i worked at the cash n dash right there. diff. name now. small world huh. well sure hope if you move you still write me , k. your friend (M)
  10. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I guess I have been looking like a sad sack lately. My husband is taking me out tonight to try to cheer me up. I haven't been anywhere at all this week except outside to walk.

    My husband is from Seattle proper and I am from Kansas. I have lived all over the states though. So no big fourth of July hoopla for you guys huh? My friends with pets lay low also. I have always loved the fourth. We celebrate it close to home and watch the local fireworks and then go to my in-laws in Olympia and watch their neighborhood put on a great show. I don't know, growing up in Kansas we pretty much celebrated every holiday. There is still that kid in me that loves it. Have a great weekend and we will chat later. P
  11. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    How was your weekend? Isn't it great having a couple days of good weather? I haven't had to take a thing for pain because I haven't had any.

    My husband and I worked most of the weekend putting up fencing for my new ornamental garden. We moved here two and half years ago and my husband built me two small greenhouses with a center house in the middle and now comes the garden. I am so excited. I am a master gardener and absolutely love gardening. I also do freelance garden design but not alot anymore since I got this illness.

    We went to church on Sunday and got grocerys. I was so wiped out from the day before that I took a three hour nap. My poor husband was out finishing the fence on his own. I knew that I overdid it on Sat. as my dawgs were screaming that night but I felt so good. At least I wasn't in any pain, just tired. Now it is back to the usual.

    Well I better get to cleaning so I can enjoy the rest of this nice day. P
  12. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    wow sounds like your having fun in the garden. yes i miss gardening ,love to watch all the shows. but i hurt so bad that's as far as gardening as i do. if i could id make a river rock waterfall in my back yard put ferns and i so love ground cover, i think i like all diff. kinds of g-cover the most. hubby said he'd make me one, that would be nice and i hope he does but boy it sure would be fun to do it myself. hubby is making the driveway bigger w/ those big gray sq. brick things can't rem. there names to match texture of driveway. boy they cost a lot , will have to do a little at a time ,12 of them or more cost 200.00-ouch! but need the room. my mustang is in the garage, hubbies old cadillac also is in there. hubs big crewcab, sons Buick and 30 ft. travel trailer are in the d-way .
    so when family or friends come there's no place to park. can't park on rd. so that's the hobby so far. oh bought some pictures for the house ,getting our blk leather sectional and chair we bought and had made 13 weeks ago hopefully by this Fri boy what a long wait. changing a few things around the house is nice. well have fun this 4th ill be inside holding my animals , which has already started tonight. fun fun. tc-(M)
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  13. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I guess one of the towns across the canal had there show last night. too bad we couldn't see them, only heard them.

    I feel ya' on getting yard and house projects done. Time and money, time and money. A rock waterfall sounds wonderful. I love the sound of trickling water. Maybe you could help when it comes to picking out the plantings to go around it if your husband builds it.

    Are you feeling any better with this warm weather? I feel like a "normal" right now. No pain. That is the way it is with my fibro. I do awesome when the weather warms up. At least until the day before a storm comes in. Woke up with a sinus headache due to the cedars out here in bloom.

    I saw that you mentioned that you live by the mountains also. I am going to assume the Cascades since you live in King County. Someday we are going to have to meet in the middle somewhere and "do lunch" or get some shopping in. I have friends in Renton and Tukwila and that is what we do. We usually meet in Tacoma somewhere. Well, happy fourth. P
  14. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    Hey---- sorry i haven't wrote, been real tired just came home last night . we went for 3 days to ocean shores in the travel trailer . boy was it packed . but it was warm and not raining so that was great.
    yes I'm miles south of renton, mins to maple valley.

    that would be nice to meet . but im afraid i can't drive farther than a few miles , i have to stay in town. with being on the meds iam on ,it isn't safe to drive to far.
    boy we looked at a few homes down at the ocean, sure would like to get this one there, 380,000. there but here it would be well over 2mill, no lie . beautiful home!!! new, on canal. but to far for hubby for work. oh well can't get everything we want . but always nice to dream yes? well hope you had fun for the forth. well can't stand the pain so must make this short, it sure is nice having you to write. i write another girl ,oh ya Ive told you ,see the fog!!! has hit! well thanks for being here for me, is what I'm trying to say, please feel free to vent Ive been known to be a good listener. take care, (M) ps i hope I'm helping you since we share some of the same issues (THIS ILLNESS!)
  15. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I am glad to hear that you got out and about. I love going to the ocean and it doesn't take me very long to get to ocean shores from here now. I hope you had a good time with the family.

    I haven't been on the computer as much since I am feeling so good so I have been out and about and busy. A friend of mine came over yesterday and we made 36 bags to fill with toileteries for the homeless women in our community I have two sewing machines and a serger so we were blowing right thru them. We had three fans on us and were sucking down the iced tea. I told her that it was my sweat shop! LOL.

    My son is a filmaker so I have been doing alot of research for him as well. He loves it because I don't charge him anything. Hey what are moms for?

    It sounds like you live close to all of my other friends. I'm sorry that it is hard for you to get out and about my friend. If I lived closer I would run you around and help you to get your errands done. I have nothing but time. I am listening to a book on tape right now about the changes in a womens life. She is talking about the pre-menopausal years right now and it is surprising how many things that she attributes to "the change" that I thought were just a part of fibro.

    Well my friend, I hope going to the ocean didn't set you back any. Hope all is well. P
  16. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    hi (P) thank you ,yes we had a very good time. and today is our 15th wedding anniv. would like to go to the salt water park in des moines for a picnic maybe, always like to be around water. hopefully tomorrow will go.
    I'm so glad your doing so good! oh what a blessing you and your friends are doing such a great and well needed thing for our homeless, that would be something id love to do. we all are GODS children . helping in that way really can make our pain seem not as bad. i need to make this short but glad to here from you ,talk to you soon.

    love, your friend (M)
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  17. mujuer

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    I hope you had a nice anniversary. I haven't been to that park in feddy way in years. Sorry I haven't posted sooner. Monday I was down at the water with five of my nieces, sister and mother-in-law and had a picnic and was collecting seashells. Totally a wonderful day. Tues. the weather turned and so did I. I got to vacation bible school and checked the little darlins in and then went home and home is where I have been. Started a huge flare and was in bed all of wedn. Now I have trigger points leftover from the flare. I am so upset that we are having a crappy summer and it doesn't help that I have started menopause. Talk about moody, whewwww. Somedays it takes the entire day to clean my mood up before my husband gets home. Hope you are doing okay as I know this weather effects you also. P
  18. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time right now. I was a hairdresser for thirty years when my rotator cuff gave out on my shoulder. I had two surgerys and was left 24% disabled in that shoulder and was on L & I for awhile. After the dr. told me that there was no more he could do for me, L & I cut me off. Then I had to find a regular Dr. to treat me on my own insurance for the residual pain. This chronic pain turn into Fibro so here I sit, can't work, no money coming in from me but you know I just placed it in Gods hands and he took care of it. Thankfully my husband has good health insurance.

    They can't make you go to a rehab center and get off of your meds. Is this what they are telling you to do in order to go back to work? There has to be a way around it. Anyways, I am here for ya' to vent or a shoulder to cry on. P
  19. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    Thank you for all your kind words.
    but i just felt i needed to pull my post.

    sorry didn't realize yours would delete also. but im sorry i just feel if some one is asking for HELP one shouldn't say or kinda say things that that person could take wrong . when someone is in that state of mind like i was , ((((I'M ))--- its very hard to see the good in anything.
    maybe i did take some posts wrong but i really don't give a r-behind what some of them think of me right now !! like i said before if you can't write to someone and be kind then don't post at all.

    some of you lack empathy . sorry that's just how im feeling . and yes maybe it's also because your in pain to.

    Again going off my meds will not happen because both my pain DR and reg DR know the pain im in and dont see any benefit in detoxing me off my meds. because like GIGGLEPOET ,my DEAR friend explained , it doesn't change the fact im in severe and chronic pain 24/7 - Due to a back injury and now with, FM< CFS< IBS< RLS< MIGRAINES< CANT SLEEP< FALLING AND HITTING MY HEAD 5 TIMES< BULGING DICS< 3 ARE IN MY NECK AND 2 ARE IN MY MID AND LOWER BACK, NUMB< PAINFULL LEGS , really my whole body is in severe pain ! so i guess I'll figure a way to pay for them.

    yes i know all of you are also in your own pain. and im so sorry , and pray you all will get better this DD sux but(( i just thought i could vent a little bit and call out to some of my friends )) to the ones that were kind, GOD BLESS YOU.

    but i guess i was wrong in thinking everyone who posted could understand what i was going through, my mistake, im sorry i was wrong. love to all-GOD BLESS---BLKKAT-BYE.
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  20. blkkat

    blkkat New Member

    Thank you! yes i didn't want to delete everyone's just mine .didn't know it would do that but oh well. thank you for your support. im feeling some what better, i have a bug on top of all this so i hurt extra and am very short w/ people . but im only human, so im not going to beat myself up over this. take care----BLKKAT

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