Hey Carla, another computer question !! -NO RUSH!!

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    So glad you were abale to help Jole. That must have been very frustrating for her not to be able to look up anything on her computer.

    It is not a major problem but just something I would like to fix since DH and I both share the same computer.

    I believe, when either one of us sends an e-mail it says FROM JOHN and does not include me. Many times people delete my messages if they think it is a strange man trying to send them messages, if they don't know about my computer sistuation. Can I add my name to it in some way. Pne person tried totell me but they didn'lt have Internet Explorer, Windows. I forget the name of the e-mail sender. Have to look it up again. If you can give me any little hints to try I would greatly appreciate it.

    There is no rush but whenever you have a little time and are feeling up to it.


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    you caught me at the right time, I am at the shop today. I looked up your service providers home page.


    go to that site and you will see "manage email accounts" you are allowed to have up to 10 emails on the same account. Do you and DH have the same email address? Do you use anything like Outlook or other email program? If so you would have to go there and just change the way the name is displayed, but each program is different.

    But if you are sharing the same email address just go to the page above and create one just for you. That's about all I can until I know more, but that should work. Good luck-Carla

    looks like you can go to

    to find out how to create a new address for yourself, but I would go to your server page first and create a new email there first as that is where your email originates and Mozilla is just a bowser like IE and only downloads from consolidated. I hope that helps-Carla

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    ...and I should have asked this earlier, but what's your fee, Carla? lol......Jole
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    I will try and check it out later. We will have to leave soon to go to granddaughters game/dance ! Also, DH is drooling over getting a laptop soon and probabaly getting rid of ths one. It is OLD. So, not sure if I will wait or not.

    BY the way we DO share the same e-mail. Yeah, that can confuse aot of things I see. Someone else gave me some suggestions some time ago and I neer did figure it out but she told me what she didon her computer and it was not the same as ours.

    Yeah Carla, what is your fee for computer consultataions? You should start another business -:) !!