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    Glad to hear you found a good FNP. In which town did you find this person? I may keep that in mind for later.

    I also believe that there is a pain specialist that works in Weed and in Mt. Shasta. Saw his name somewhere. Can't remember what it is or where I saw it. It might be worthwhile if you are in need of more. (Did I tell you this already?)

    Boy, the rheumy sounds worse than the one I saw. Course, mine didn't even do bloodwork, but my PCP had done a lot during this last couple years. But, to shrug his shoulders and not know what might cause it is absurd!

    glad you got mad and got looking. I think we must be more informed or we get walked all over. I have become much more assertive with doctors than I ever was before because I don't want them to think I'm some dumb old broad who will believe everything they say. I do know some things, and as I get older, I trust them less and less.

    Enough rant. Hope your next year there is not as cold/hot! And, no, I don't think your moving there could cause a climate change! (-:

    Have a good rest of the weekend.
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    Where are you?
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    I've been wandering the board, checking other messages, and in between, playing computer games-lol!

    The woman I see is Nicole--she works at Siskiyou Family Health in Yreka. I'll have to ask her about that pain specialist--see if I need a referral, how long, do they take Medi-Cal, etc, etc. Nicole tells me there is a decent rheumy in Redding that she wants me to see--I'll keep you updated, OK?

    If we're not responsible for our own health care, then who is? I started interviewing drs when I became pregnant (for the best natal care) then after that for a good ped. So I just took it one step further for myself. It's hard to get used to, always checking out drs., but once you find someone, you stick with it!

    Have to go--beddy bye is calling me, and I try to listen!

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    Yep...we have to do interviewing, and that is a hard thing to do...go in and check them out before we see them. Now, it is funny we think like that because I wouldn't trust my car to a shop I didn't know about. Why, then my body?

    I'll be eager to hear about the Redding rheumy and what Nicole has to say about the pain specialist.

    Have a great day, and always listen to the bedy-bye call!

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    Thanx...I'll keep you updated--if I forget, please remind me! I'm always forgetting things these days!