Hey Chicago!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by smano, Oct 24, 2002.

  1. smano

    smano New Member

    Hey Chicago,

    Is it me or is there no doctors here that treat CFIDS, the response to this medical epedemic is appaling to say the least!

    Has anyone found any good doctors in the area that treat this thing?
  2. smano

    smano New Member

    Hey Chicago,

    Is it me or is there no doctors here that treat CFIDS, the response to this medical epedemic is appaling to say the least!

    Has anyone found any good doctors in the area that treat this thing?
  3. CL

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    I'd be interested to find a good Doc around Chicago too. You may need to bump this up on Monday after the slow weekend.
  4. Fairyeyes

    Fairyeyes New Member

    She, too has CFS/FMS, and finally found relief at a bone and joint disorder doc. I'll let you know. I'm in NM, but the fambly still lives in sweet home Chicago.
  5. Fairyeyes

    Fairyeyes New Member

    answer till Monday. let ya know soon as.
  6. SharonR

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    Well almost ,western burbs.
    I am trying out a new Dr. in Schaumburg, and I am already impressed and haven't even gone yet. He told me that he if I wanted to get well, we would work on it.
    He will see me three times and the rest will be up to me.
    He incorporates holistic +.
    Dr Mercola.
    I will let you know how it goes.
    He is on the web.
  7. nancyneptune

    nancyneptune New Member

    I'm from Rock Falls, it's about 90 miles west of Chicago. Rockford is 40 miles. I go there to a Rheumy who is wonderful. Frederick Deitz. He actually, truly believes that people have CfIDS and FM. He doesn't think you're crazy, he doesn't treat you like a hypochondriac. He also has a sense of humor. Great guy. Make the drive. You'll be glad. Hugs, N
  8. totteacher

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    and say I'm glad to know that there are some fellow "Illinoisans" here. I am downstate from you in Peoria. I also wanted to tell you that in a recent email newsletter from Immunesupport there was an article about Bowen which is some type of muscle manipulation that is supposed to help relieve the pain. There are several practitioners in the Chicago suburbs. There is a website that gives all the info. Good luck in your doc search.

  9. xo4damama

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    Dr Dachman's office in Schaumburg. I love every dr there, and cannot say enough about them.
  10. Fairyeyes

    Fairyeyes New Member

    she emailed me,
    "Tell your friend I went to The Bone &
    Joint disorder facility at Little Company of Mary Hosp. in Evergreen Park."
    she's foggy on who she saw.
  11. Rea

    Rea New Member

    I have neot seen him yet but I think I am going to make an appointment. I'm impressed with everything I've read about him.

    I used to go to a Dr Harvey Golden at Rush but he retired. I also have considered going back there - I believe one of the other Drs in the practice is a Dr. Katz. They are rheumatologists. Anybody know them?
  12. SharonR

    SharonR New Member

    I have an appointment on Dec. 15 to see him, have talked with his assistant and already filled out the forms online.
    So obviously when the appointment arrives, it's right down to business.
    Saw one specialist on Schuamburg who diagnosed me with FM, said I had all the pressure points, put me thru a battery of test that outside of insurance coverage costs us 4,000
    dollars, what a dog and pony show.
    Then went to Katz, who is a very good doctor, but had to wait 2 1/2 hours to see him for 10 min, and I don't think he had read my file from previous DR.
    I am not bashing him, maybe too many sick people and too few good Dr.s, but I don't have the time for that.
    So Mercola is next in line, I like his straightforward approach to lifestyles and health. I will let you know what happens.
    And just like a marriage, you have to like them first.
  13. wander

    wander New Member

    I see Dr. Robert Katz from Rush in Chicago. A very good rheumatologist who knows researches and treats fibro/cfs.
    Good luck
  14. PaulMark

    PaulMark New Member

    This may be a little off base since i'm in Ky andmy dr. is paul cheney of asheville all heard of him of course, i'm sorry i'm in a bad mood again, been bedridden most of week, my primary dx is cfids body aching pain has worsened in last yr. of my 5 yr. battle many immune abberations th2 low Gh overatication of th2 low NK lots of pain depression fatigue dig. problems ext. wght loss,

    i don't reallyk blame dr. cheney, my sibling and parents don't like him, over priced they say well i stay broke, they say change drs. change to who, he's by far the closest to me and he knows more than prob. any dr. in US

    heres the dileman, l. drs. are our father in heaven obviously 2. i can only travel to asheville once a yr. money, too weak to travel by plane thankful it's only l l/2 from nashville, 3. any answers to faxes and phone conferences 8.50 a minute for his time, last p. consult 3 wks ago was l530 bucks i lll be paying on c. card for a yr.

    so many times i just try to treat myself obviously unsuccessful because i can't afford to turn around and ask him fax or arrange a pc everkytime i need an answer on top of that a couple of his staff are snotty, others are nice and for some reason he has a big turn over in staff don't know why, no RN's on staff,

    So i just posted the post what if you had the bucks where in the world would you go, just wondering, got to be some better answers for severe cfids i'm so sick i layk in bed curled up with skin sensation mostly chills, so much pain from head to toe, immune pain flu like, body pain you name it, myk toes and fingers curl up in knots, CNS greatly affected of course in cfids and somedays my stomach in knots which adds to digestion prbelms tied in knots due to the pain,

    so i'm sorry i'm a downer right now, don't have a lot of faith in drs. looks like 8.50 a minute is kind of hi , even though the man is in demand i know,

    but he is probably most knowledable on this ill. in the US

    so i really don't know what to do so i pray a very whole lot and there i'm struggling with faith,

    sorry i don't know any drs. in chicago, if your main dx is fibro, you may have more luck than I I sincerely hope so,

    i have a friedn rn close to chicago i'll ask her, i'm not sure she knows much about cfs and fmss though but i'll try

    god bless PM
  15. crickett

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    How do you bump up a message??


    I need a good doc anywhere near Plainfield, Ill.

  17. Imnoangle

    Imnoangle New Member

    I have had the same problems trying to find a doc. I'm in the suburbs and have been to 9 doctors in the last 6 months trying to find relief. If I find a doctor that will listen to us I will let you know. Good luck