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    I am just wondering cause I also have noticed that many of the Christian faith seem to be under attack with this darn disease. I am believing that whatever the Body of Christ has suffered... God will turn it around and use it for His good!!

    Do you ever watch Benny Hinn?? Have you seen how many people he ministers to with FM and CFS?? So many people at his conferences have been stricken with FM... so I have to agree with Tigger... this disease is definately taking a toll on believers!

    Blessings... CarolK PS... hope this is not gonna get me in trouble with the board!!
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    YES!! IM VERY FAMILIAR WITH TOMMY TENNY MINISTRIES... I've read a number of his books... including "GOD CHASERS".

    I live in the Santa Clara Valley in N.California and Tommy and his wife have come out here many times and ministered at several local churches... he and his wife are a very big blessing!!

    I too have been to many of the Benny Hinn crusades and been very blessed by his ministry. As to what has been reported in the press about him and his ministry... well I try to look past the negative press that he has received and look to what other ministries have said about the "fruit" in this mans life. Countless thousands of souls have come into the Kingdom as a result of his life.

    I know that there have been several "smear tactics" used my some major networks... each of their smears has been debunked by others in the Body of Christ... as well as explained by Benny's ministry and faithful staff.

    If there is any truth in the accusations... well God will judge and deal with them and bring all truth to the light.

    In the meantime, I am so glad that Benny had brought FM out into the open... until he said from the platform how serious and devastating this disease can be... well I just don't think many people realized just how horrible this DD was.

    Glad you are here on this board Chocolet... nice to know that there are others here that love HIM!!

    Oh, I posted this on Tigger's great thread... but a wonderful book that I am currently reading/studying is...."WHY NOT WASTE TIME WITH GOD"....by Michael Evans. This is a really great book... a real blessing!!

    Blessings to you Chocolet... and thanks again for the info!! CarolK

    PS...Just saw your picture in your profile.. you are a very beautiful lady Chocolet! Even though your picture is a few years old I am sure you are still as lovely.
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