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  1. doxygirl

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    Hi it'me Doxy..........Thank you so much for that form information!

    Iam so happy that you let me know you posted it..this obard moves so fast it is so hard to stay current with everything!

    Iam going to look it up when I get home tonight ........my sons girlfriend ( finace) told me that the courts here in San Bernardino County ( where we live ) is no longer dealing with "grandparents rights" because there were too many of them and they do not have the man power to handle them?????????????????????????

    Thank you again for your never ending support and for caring about me!:)

    With love and hugs

    PS In case you missed the post .............I did get to see Cohen on both Friday and Saturday ........she let my son have him for his "two" hours ........she almost stopped the visitation when my sons fiance was here on friday when she picked up cohen ! She does not want my sons girlfriend around Cohen either so now that is me, my husband, my son, and my sons fiance that are "unfit"! LOL LOL LOL let just make it easy for her and say that anyone except her family is unfit! LOL LOL LOL LOL

    I think she may have made a few phone calls and realized the court is NOT going to back her up on not letting Cohen around my sons fiance!
  2. 69mach1

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    there were no grandparent rights unless both parents died....

    but good luck...you never know things may change...

    but it can really mess up the parenting schedules.

    and the time spent w/grandchild is usually during the time spent w/the parent's visitation time....unless the other parent wants to permit time toward the grandparent...

    maybe she will grow up and want to give you let's say a week in summer...so she can have a break herself...

    i did on my own...

    cody's grandparents from my ex are coming out from michigan to watch him play football in september...so grandparent rights would be a huge conflict in our agreement and situation..

    but trust me if they were here...i would have no problem letting them have him for overnights and etc...



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