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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by annee, Jan 23, 2002.

  1. annee

    annee New Member

    I just wanted to introduce myself to you.
    I have read some of your responses and you sound like a great person - kind and compassionate.
    But how can I call you Dogboy. Just does not seem to go.
    I especially liked your response to Pixie about having some time out.
    I had not thought of having time out on my own, but it certainly makes sense.
    Your wife must be some very special lady as well.
    I guess thats what love is all about, caring for each other no matter what.
    I am married to GB who has cfs.
    We live in Canberra, Australia.
    We have 3 sons 22, 17 and 13.
    We try to practice daily moving forward in our lives, even if it is just little steps. We especially endeavour to try to recognize 'who owns the problem' so as to not take on other peoples problems.
    We have a very special relationship and we are keeping it special.
    Hope to talk to you some more Dogboy.
    I would love to know your name, but I respect your privacy.
    Hope all goes well for you both.
  2. mom

    mom New Member

    just wanted to add my welcome to yours.
    But I do agree Dog Boy just doesn't seem to apply to such an individual.
    Maybe we can call him DB. How about it DB. It sounds much friendlier.
    take care
    mom lynda
  3. DogBoy

    DogBoy New Member

    Thank for the welcome Annee and Mom Lynda. I just found this board a week or 2 before the big change and ensuing turmoil. I was thrilled to see a forum for caregivers to chat and quite disappointed when the activity stopped for a while after the board changes. Anyway, before the change I looked back in the archives and saw tons of posts about cats and a few good-natured pokes on dogs and dog-lovers. Being not only a dog lover but also a trainer, I just had to go with the DogBoy handle. My name is Jeff. You can call me Jeff or DB or whatever. Oh, and don't worry cat-people. I do know my place in the universe and accordingly serve to fulfill the whims of 2 felines that came with the wife.

    I'm married to SaraL, who is mostly a lurker on the CFS/FM board. She's been sick just over 3 years with CFS. I guess you could say we've been lucky, in that she's had no joint pain and fairly limited mental fogs. Her ability to do anything is quite limited though. The last 3 years have been an ongoing battle against this DD. We've certainly had our struggles between us, but I think we each trust the other to have our happiness as a top priority and we talk through everything until we reach a concensus. Those 2 things - combined with the way that sickness can illuminate what's truly important in life - have kept conflict to a minumum between us.

    I sure wish I would have found this forum 3 years ago. The first year of Sara's sickness was awfully tough. I'm pretty good about voicing what's on my mind, but I didn't want to complain to Sara when she was suffering so much. Some of my friends were very supportive, but - as I'm sure you all know - it's very difficult for others to understand just how terrible these DD's are and what it does to your life. Anyway, I'm glad to have a place where there are folks who understand. Hopefully I've have time to check in regularly. Thanks again for the welcome.

    Jeff (a.k.a. DogBoy)