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    Just a note to say I finally ordered the Fibro Sleep. I know that you take it along with other things. I am going to try the 1/4 pill of klonopin in a few days along with my melatonin and flexeril. I hope to get off the Klonopin asap if I can. I am hopeful that the FS will help me and will start with one pill along with my Flexeril and Klonopin, until I have been on the 1/4 pills for awhile. I still have been getting up a few times a night to go to the potty (nothing new there) even if I do, I usually fall back to sleep. I hope this might work so I don't have to get up. It is worth a try anyway.

    Do you have any suggetions other than start slowly and take one at a a time for a week or so? I am hoping one will work so that I don;t have to pay so much each month (or two months). Oh, I also know that I will not take the extra melatonin either as there is some in the FS.

    My Rheumy told me to tell her if it works as she has sleep issues also. I also wake up still feeling tired.


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    Hi Elaine,

    Just writing this quickly before I run off to church. Just curious, how bad were your sleep issues?

    Did you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, or both.

    When you woke up at night did you have lots of problems falling back to sleep? Or did you have all of the above.

    Now I seem to be falling asleep with what I am taking but get up a couple of times at night and then go back to sleep pretty quickly after my potty trips (-: !! Plus, as I said before I hope to be able to go to sleep taking no Klonopin. I will take the FS with my Klonopin (before I get completely off it) along with my flexeril. If I do very well on the FS then I will try getting off the Flexeril.

    Thanks for your quick response to my first post. I know also you take a bunch of other stuff at bedtime but but can;t access that since all that stuff was deleted but I certainly hope not to have to take anything else.

    OH, how soon before bed do you take your FS ??

    Bye for now kiddo.

    Love ya,

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    I’ll outline, to make it a bit easier to read.

    == I only need to take 1 pill per night.

    == I get such good, quality, restorative sleep.

    == You may feel a little “groggy” in the morning for about 15 minutes & then that goes away.

    == Remember FIBROSLEEP was recommended by Rich Carson, who is the founder of this website. That is why I picked it.

    == Once you know you like it, have ProHealth put it on “AUTO-SHIP” and you get the “SMART BUY” price, which is a little cheaper.

    == Sleep was my biggest problem and the WORST my doctor had ever seen in all of his years of practice. Difficulty falling to sleep. Would not stay a sleep & it would take me a long time to fall back to sleep. I’d fall to sleep at say 2 am, wake back up at 3, then not fall back to sleep until 6 and then try and force myself to get up to go to work.

    == My doctor decided to not send me for a “Sleep Study” because without medication I would go for 3 to 4 days without falling to sleep at all. Clearly, that is how he was able to link “SLEEP” to managing my FMS / CFS symptoms.

    == My routine is to have my last meal at 5 or 5:30 pm. It is SUPER important to wait about 2 hours to let the food to start to digest. If you eat when you take your medication, the medication will become ABSORBED by the food and not work properly. This was the same thing for my Dad too.

    == There needs to be a 2 hour window with sleep medication before and after, otherwise, the medication will be absorbed by the food and you will not get the right type of sleep.

    == If you want a very light snack, it must be small & not contain any sugar.

    == I take my sleep combo at 7 or 7:30 pm. It could very well take 2 to 3 hours to finally kick in. (NOT COMMON, yet that is me.)

    == I understand you may be concerned about taking too much medication for sleep. I use to be as well, yet without my sleep ---- I can barely function & that is just not worth it.

    I learned in working with my Specialist, SLEEP is critical for the body. We do need the deeper stages of 3 & 4 of sleep because that is where the body restores & repairs it self.

    I wake up at least 1 time in the night to go to the bathroom too. If you fall back to sleep quickly, then that is fine.

    I was never on Flexeril or Klonopin.

    Let me know if you needed something else.

    Love back at ya!

    == Elaine
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    Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for the long and concise post about your sleeping issues, etc. I started to write you a post and DH needed the puter real fast so I couldn't save it (at least I do not know how to do so).

    When I first went to the Rheumy and told her about my problems of getting up multi times to go to the potty. She seemed to think that it wasn't my bathroom problems that was my issue but my constantly waking up and then I felt like I had to go every time to I woke up. So, she prescribed generic Klonopin and Flexeril (low dose) for bedtime also. That really seemed to work pretty well with minimum or non waking up at night and going back to sleep quickly when I did.

    However, after hearing others talking about how you have to wean off Klonopin and how you can get sort of get "hooked" on it for lack the correct word. Then I heard about Fibro Sleep and decided to try it. In the meanwhile I have been weaning off the Klonopin and have been taking the 1/2 pill for awhile now, maybe about a month or so. I am ready to start the 1/4 pill. I may start that when I get my Fibro Sleep. In the meanwhile I will continue on till I can hopefully get off the Klonopin completely.

    I also tried Melatonin in different dosages and am now taking 1/2 of one which will be about the same dosage as the Melatonin in the FS. Then I will discontinue it (the individual dosage). I will try one tab of FS and then to 2 if I HAVE to. I am just hoping it will work. I would rather be on less meds if possible but realize I may have to stay on the flexeril and also possibly low dose Klono if I HAVE to.

    I will be happy if I only will have to get up once to go to the bathroom and can fall back to sleep almost right away. However, I would be VERY happy if I didn't wake up at all.

    Oh, I never used to dream or remember my dreams but since I have started with the Melatonin it seems that I either doing more dreaming or am remembering some of them (and some are really strange). What about you ??? Just curious.

    Oh, BTW my Rheumy also has sleep issues and she says that I should let her know if the FS helps me.

    Oh, I asked her also last time what she thought of Glucosamine for arthritis. Well, she said that she has arthritis in her neck also and it does not help her. So, not sure if I would bother. I know one time I took the combo with condroitin and it didn't do anything for me or much anyway, if I remember correctly. That was some time ago. I just remembered that you had told me about the glucosamine helping you with your arthritis I think it was.

    Well that is all I can think of for now. I will be back if I can think of anything else. I do appreciate anything you tell about your experiences. I kow that we are all very different. it surely sounds like you had a terrible time with your trying to sleep. I used to hoit the bed and just collapse but of course not sure if I was getting much quality sleep or not. I collapsed from exhaustion when my kids were young (-: !! However, I did start this stuff about 25 years ago.

    TTYL sweetie !


  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey Sweetie (not to be confused with 1sweetie) (-: !!,

    I did not mean to suggest that my Rheumy does not want me to take the regular sleep meds she prescribed. That was all my idea and I will see what happens when I take the Fibro Sleep. I would rather take supplements even though they are not necessarily the cheapest things to take. Right now I have DH and I both taking some vitamins and supps for various reasons.

    I may try the glucosamine again and see if it does anything but somehow I do not recall it doing much the last time I tried it with the chondroitin. What ws the reason you took it, I forget. Also how much are you taking of the Glucosamine !

    If I only get up once taking the FS then that is fine but I can HOPE can't I (- : !!

    Oh yes and I am also very aware that whatever works for one may not for another. Tht is true of any drugs or supps.

    Darn, I just pushed the wrong thing and now I can't look at what you wrote to answer you.

    This is just an experiment in progress shall we say. We will see what happens. She the Rheumy) didn't say anything about weaning down or off when I suggested it to her. Maybe she also knows I am an x nurse and can decide for myself. IF I feel that I need to go back on the full dose of Klonopin I may do so. However, I have gotten down to 1/2 and will try the 1/4 VERY soon. I will not do so tomorrow since we have an 8;20 APPOINTMENT for DH at the dermatologist to look at his suspicious mole and many others he has.

    Sure hope that goes OK. If they have to remove any that is fine but hope it is nothing life threatning. I say that only because a friend that John plays golf with some times was just told that he has about 2 years to live and they will have to remove his or some of his lymph nodes due to his skin cancer. It must be really bad but do not know anything about his condition , where the problems areas are and if he has ever had them looked at before or what. Some people, men esp are really bad about going to the doctors. Another friend lost his life due to pancreatic cancer and he never went to the doc or got anything checked. He was just trying to save money I think and hated to go to the doc. John is complaining and I will make him go. He does know how serious it could be.

    *****Thanks again for your inforamtion. I will let you know when I start on the FS and how it seems to be doing. Yes, I did know about the special autoship price but was of course going just get it once to see if it seems to be helping or not. I also get some vits. on auto shop but not from PH. What other PH things do you take, if any besides glucosamine??

    So far I have tried the Fibro Freedom and haven't felt much different., However, I have not been taking the two caps three x a day as yet Io nly bought one bottle so who knows if that is enough to be abe to tell.

    Hugs back to you !



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    Thanks for your take on supplements. I don't mind anyone butting in. However, just the melatonin wasn't really working with the other I was taking. Heard Elaine talk so highly of the FS so I am going to try it. I am open for almost anything within reason. It is just to bad that supplements can be so darn expensive.

    Oh, I also get some other stuff from a place where they have sales of buy 2 get 3 free and so on. You can save alot that way. I do not know if you can mention other places to get vitamins and supps or not. That is why I am not mentioning it.

    Do either you or Elaine know if different names, other than PH can be mentioned on the boards to get vitamins and supps.??

    OH Elaine - I got the FS today but will not start them for a few days or so. I will let you know when I start taking them to see how they seem to work. Bye for now.


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    Just got back not to long ago from going with dH to the dermatologist. We are both so relieved that is nothing to worry about. She enven froze it off for him. He got really worried when he played golf with a friend the other day whos has apparently had aother cancerous "moles" or lesions removed. However, this time they said it was really bad and he might have 2-5 yers to live and they sent him to MD Anderson in Houston - just the best hospital for cancer. It sounds to me like he stopped getting them checked. I think John was really scared after he heard that one.

    He is not the bravest when going to the docto. I told him that no one likes it and he just needs to be very watchful of it and other things. We know others who refused to go to the doctors for different reasons and when they did it was way to late. He was a brave "little soldier" (-: and even went in to the doc himself. I know he would have wanted me there but I told him he didnt need me and they might not want me there either (nothing serious going on).

    Elaine - I am curious how your knee will feel after going off the glucosamine. I just know some really rave about the glucosamin/chondroitin combo but sometime ago when I took it didn;t seem to help. Who knows what is arthritis with me and what is FM and or CMPS (good grief) !! May try it again someday. I do think the arthritis is getting worse in my neck. Every time I turn my head I hear crack, crack etc. and it hurts too.

    Well, I probably will try the FS in the next few days or so, maybe this weekend. Not sure if I should wait till I downsize my klono[on and melatonin first. I also just realized that if I take the one FS. instead of two, that I will need to try taking less of it (by half again). Have to get up very early on sat morning to go into Houston for my grandson's football game (he is ten) and then we will go for my pedicure (thax to daughter) an then go have my birthday lunch. I go for my BD dinner on friday evening first. I may wait till the end of the weeekend, no sure.

    Anyway, I will let you know when I start the FS and how they are doing for me. Thx for telling me about not being able to name the companies that also sell drugs/supplements. I didn;t think you were supposed to . Oh, I do get in bulk when this compay ha a sale. I just take to many other drugs (and some are not generic) like for b/p, thyroid and that can run into $$$$ so try and cut back whenever I can. The place I order from has by 1 get 2 free , by two get 3 free and so on, makes for good bulk shopping.

    Bye for now.

    Hugs to ya,


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