Hey everybody...have missed you all

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    I haven't been on the board it seems forever.Been trying to stay off the phone line...yes we still use dial up.LOL!

    We are waiting on some test results regarding my daughter Carrie.She went to an endocronologist(sp?). She ordered alot of blood work,had her take a pill late one night and then she had to come in again and have blood drawn.

    Dr. called a few days latter and asked did we give her the pill cause her levels were way off.Well of course we did and now we are scared.

    We had to do a 24 hour urine collection and turned it in last thursday.

    We go this thursday to find out if Carrie is going to have an mri to check for a tumor on her pituratory gland.

    My poor baby.

    I am ok.Neck pain is still a pain in the neck.Orthopedic put me on predisone.I tried it a few days but wasn't real consitent.I hate to be on the stuff.Orthopedic thinks I have inflamation in the neck coming from an autoimmune disorder and the inflamation is pinching a nerve.

    We dr.'s see my face and the butterfly looking whatever it is They seem to think lupus everyone except rehuemy.Not that I want lupus...good Lord I can't stand more than this fm and now raynauds.Which is by the way causing my fingers to sting all the time and I am having a hard time finding good warm gloves now that it is bikini season LOL!.Even my little toes sting.And one thing I have been warned about is not to clinch my fingers togther to warm them.Boy I have figured that one out quick.That causes them to sting more and now they will get this real painful sting in them out of the blue.

    Well, I am gonna check back in with everyone when I have more time to read up on everybody.I hope you all are doing good.

    Much Love,
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    Boy is this an update as I thought dx was already pituary gland tumor????

    Re neck-mine too. Also left shoulder and arm feels like lead weight. Yuk!

    Re Lupus rash. I get this rash on cheeks and across nose and they always say Lupus, I have been dx'd and then dx'd lupus. I do beleive that Mixed Connective Tissue Disease also has this rash. I get check on THursday so I'll try to remember to post you. Also, do you ever use anti bacterial soap? That also gives me that same rash on my face when I inadvertently use it there. I have thrown it out as I hear it is not so good to use. Good luck with all. Thinking of you. I have a sister called Sheila and always think of her when you post.

    Love Anne C
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    Well we did get good results on Carrie's urine tests.But dr. wants me to call her tomorrow and discuss our next step.We will do bloodwork all over again in 4 to 6 weeks.And if her levels are still off then we can discuss more about what we can do to help Carrie.

    I am feeling down emotionally.One of those depressing days,the flip side of mania is nothing I would wish on anyone.

    Of course my parents and siblings are always the triggers.Someone please beat me if i ever talk about them again.I have had to take 3 klonpins and 2 pain pills to ease the pain in my neck and to calm me down.

    FM and raynauds don't like stress.So if I have to numb myself for a few days I will so pardon me if I slur my words.LOL

    I gotta go to bed now.My.meds. for my fingers and toes still haven't come in so my fingers will sting all night.What joy.

    Good night everyone.

    OH by the way I do thin you need to see a dr. a reheumy. about those fingers and toes.This is not something you won't to ignore seriously.Let me know how it goes and keep those hands warm,head covered and feet warm.Mittens are better than gloves by the way.

    Take care everyone