Hey everyone...check in...

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by ajp, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. ajp

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    Hi everyone,

    How is everyone doing this week? Kellyann? Victoria? And Misty glad to see you back.

    I am finally feeling better and have not been on line much. Coming off of a two week kerx.....not fun... I did cut back on my Ketek to one a day,last week,but that did not stop the herx.

    Hope everyone is doing great.....check in.

  2. victoria

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    Glad you're finally feeling better! Hopefully lots of those little buggers were killed off!

    Had a terrible & weird 'head'ache Tuesday, nauseated and only occipital area ached... my usual standby of valium and oxycodone only allowed me to sleep for a bit altho the oxy made me more nauseated than I was. and didn't cut the pain at all! First time that's ever happened.

    If it was a migraine, I've never had one like that before... and I've rarely had them anyway, they've always been chemical-exposure related before... but yesterday woke up 'fine' anyway. Very weird. -and don't think it was sinus-related

    My son just finished his one week of pulsing abx (last week) and for the very first time he felt actually better after taking the abx. This was after NOT taking ANY abx for 3 weeks to give his immune system a rest! He is supposed to repeat this cycle for the next 2 months... hard to know what to expect now! - but hope it continues!

    And yesterday we got the official denial from SSI for him, not unexpected tho, sigh... so of course we're filing an appeal immediately thru the SS att'y we'd already hired in anticipation...

    Haven't been on myself much lately due to one thing and another... hope everyone else is doing well or at least better!

    all the best,