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    I know you think I have disappeared but I am still Lurking around and praying for the requests on this board.
    Debbie, I replied to your letter but it came back and I also wrote to Lisa but don't know if she got her letter or not.

    I would like to ask for prayer for my daughter Jackie. I have believed for some time that she has fibro or CFS. She had an alarming experience this morning that is causing me some concern.

    She woke up at 4 am and was on the computer and passed out, for how long she doesn't know. She managed to get her daughter off to school and drove herself to the ER. They did blood test and a Cat Scan, but it didn't show anything.

    She then saw her doctor this afternoon and he ordered a EEG for next week. She mentioned to him a list of her symptoms and asked if she might possibly have fibro or CFS and he dismissed them with the comment that they are "Trashcan diagnosis's". Anyway, she is seeing another Dr. tomorrow that someone from the FMS/CFS board recommended.
    This doctor recognizes and treats these DD's and when she made the appointment she told them that it was because she thinks she has CFS.
    I am sooo hoping that she does not have fibro but all her symptoms suggest it. Please pray that if she does have it that it will be diagnosed correctly, and if she doesn't that the Doctors will be given the knowledge to discover what it is that she has.

    Thank you all so much.
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    Its wonderful to hear from you again. Sure sorry to hear about your daughter. I'll certainly be praying that she finds the help ad answers she needs. That this Dr. is a caring person who will find the answers for her.
    Dear Lord, please be there for Takeshas daughter Jackie, stay by her side during this difficult time, hold her hand and let her feel your presence, as this will give her comfort and peace, and also give her and her Mom the strength to endure. Lift up Jackie and place your healing hands on her and her a miracle. Miss ya Takesha, think and pray for you everyday. In Jesus name, amen.