Hey fibro people i was diagnosed with lupus! swollen joints, good News!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by hensue, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Got good news today my doctor seems to be pretty good. He knew you could have false positives. Or things fit the criteria of my condition. So he took two more blood test an anti double stranded dna test. I know this sounds strange syphlis blood test. All these came back NEG! yes he says that the syphilis blood test would come back false positve usually and the other should have come back positive. He has set me up with rheumy in february. My pain doc who sees a lot says osteo arthritis can do this make your ana titer higher. He made a lot of sense. These are two different docs in seperate towns my internist is the best my pain doc says. Hey is younger i am sure he is not God. My pain Dr can get me to a rheumy that takes my insurance and i dont have to wait till february. So i feel good! that was driving me crazy.
    he gave me a lot of reasons your ana can come back positive and that high.
    So i am going to tell my internist i am going to this other rheumy tomorrow. He said osteo can make your joints swell really bad and with fibromyalgia he has seen it. This is my pain doc.
    So wanted to share good news. Plus got news my son coming home Dec 12 from Afghanistan!
    Also younger son having the first girl grandchild in December! HO HO
    I am so happy!
    I know we have pain and no energy. Thank God i did not want lupus
    wanted to share i know a lot of you have the same joint problems. keep you posted on what Rhuemy says
    Good news for a change! Things could always be worse when i come out of the pain clinic.
    I just thank God that I am healthy just hurt. Breaks your heart.
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  2. 3gs

    3gs New Member

    you have lupus you don't?

    congrats on happy stuff
  3. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Im so glad your other tests came back Negative!! thats a big plus for you NOT having lupus.i am waiting for my double stranded DNA tests and some others to come back, hoping thier negative also. i have had positive ana's for years now, and have been feeling really ill the past 6 months, so my doc decided like yours to dig a little deeper on the lupus thing. better safe than sorry. keep us posted, and once again Im so glad for you.

    P.S. Praying your son has a safe trip home to.what a great Christmas gift!!!!
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I was glad to hear your good news. I pray for you and your family and I hope the joints improve.

    Love, Mikie
  5. hensue

    hensue New Member

    Read did my post i was excited. it seems my brain runs a lot faster that my fingers.
    First my joints in fingers were huge and swollen! i felt terrible and i had been trying to walk some. In fact the right hand fingers especially bird finger hehe! is still swollen. they took xrays
    and my left thumb was fractured at base. went to ortho he put a splint said it had been fractured, then arthritis now fractured again. I really do not feel it. My doc says the swollen joints are not fibro! So he ran a lot of test RA came back Neg. and my ana antibody test was so high they made me come back from NC to get further test and he told me I had lupus.
    He is a very good Doc. He ran further test and said i fit the criteria not just blood test.
    The other blood test were anti dna double stranded test sent to Ca. and also syphilis test.
    I said what? He said they usually come back false positive if you have it. Well both test came back Negative. So i am very happy! I have to go 60 miles last night to see pain doc. he was telling me about fibro and he sees this a lot. My internist had made me an app. with a rheumy here in my town which i dont care for. he does not take my insurance. So my pain doc. said he could get me a referral to a rheumy at his town which he thinks a lot of.
    So i hope that explains the confusion. Pain doc just thinks it is osteo.
    I am like yes
    Thank you Mikie and that you for the prayers. The best news is to get that son home safely and the baby girl into this world healthy.
    I am always so humbled when i come out of a pain clinic next to a Va hospital they have a marine base there in this town.
    My heart goes out to so many people just the lady i was talking to had spinal stenosis, on morphine and copd not a candidate for surgery! It is gut wrenching to see young guys who are hurt so bad also physically and mentally from our war my son who i am sure a lot of people can relate to here. I dont think i know one person who has not been affected by these wars.
    My son has been to iraq four times, this is his 5th deployment to Afghanistan. He has two boys 11 and 9. Which he is divorced it was like army wives. He never saw it coming and did not want it. So when they sent him back to iraq he was so depressed he was offered a 20,000 bonus and wanted a house for his kids. So he signed back up. When he gets out he will have 15 months left in the military. I pray they dont do a stop loss on him. The last six months were suppose to be school i doubt that will happen whe will see. All i know is we want them all home and healthy! sorry excitement took me away.
  6. hensue

    hensue New Member

    i pray yours are negative also. when did you have them taken? mine took about a week to come back. He says lupus is very tricky diagnoses he has seen some high ana titers with fibro,
    Thank you so much
    Let me know
  7. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    i had my labs done last wednesday, so i should have the results probably next week, im keeping my fingers crossed & sayin my Prayers!! Fibro is hard enough. i cant imagine dealing with Lupus too!! i know some on here have the both & my heart goes out to them.
    and Yes My doc also says she sees Positive ana's with Fibor but it's not Lupus, she thinks my ana is too low pos to be lupus but i want to be sure! ill keep you Posted, Kat

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