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  1. SleepyWillow25

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    Hello peeps!

    I have not been online for a while as my husband has end stage of renal fialure which as you can imagine is very stressful on us both. He is so young to be going through this but as all of us know life isn't meant to be fair.

    It is wonderful to see that so many of you are appreciating this wonderful piece of writing from Kathleen. I am so glad that I pasted this here now as I have been getting a lot of feed back from people telling me it has helped them and others that don't understand our CFS/M.E or F.M.

    I have been given persmission to add this piece of writing to my book that I have begun. Sadly the book has been placed on hold due to personal issues with my own helath and especially my husbands.

    I would love to thank CraftyJody especially and others who keep bumping this piece up so others may take a look at it. Wonderful!!!!!!

    I guess I should really send this via a new topic... I think I will paste it also into a new topic on the list. I feel the more people read this the better it is gonna be.

    If any of you are interested in being apart of my book please let me know. I am starting a book with hints, tips and stuff for CFS/M.E and FM patients and loved ones. Taking ideas from other patients from all over the world and sharing them in one book. Also poetry, journal entries, quick recipes, anything like that will be included in this book.

    If your interested please let me know... Kathleens piece of writing will be the first page of my book. I think it will be a wonderful thing for us all. I can't do this alone though.

    All the best with your own personal struggle with this unreleanting illness. Thinking of you ALL... remember your not alone!

    Love always

    Bella xxoo

    PS/ A prayer or a thought for my husband would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Mom2Two

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    I would love to participate in your book. Not sure what I can contribute, but would love to be included.

  3. SCARLETT415

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    I will be thinking of some way to contribute to your book. I am especially touched by your husband's condition. I used to be a Hospice volunteer until my illness got the best of me. I will keep both him and you in my prayers.
  4. Achy-shaky

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    I just sent you an email after reading the bumped up poem from Kathleen but I had not idea you were facing such bad times. I have a poem I'd love to contribute to your book and I also want you to know I'm a freelance proofreader and would be honored to do your proofing at no charge.

    You are not alone either...sending butterfly blessings and lots of hugs!