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    when are you doing the georgetown study? i lost momentum to apply, i might yet but been distracted. did you apply on line or send in paper copy?
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    maybe u replied, it says there was one reply to this post but i dont see any replies---what is up with that?
    anyway if you didnt reply--bump
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    Sorry to take so long to get back to you. I had a horrific "worm" on my computer, you may have read about it in the papers, but it wrecked havoc with my computer.

    I just got my computer today as I had to wait for payday. The place I take my computer to was swamped with people having the same problem. It is supposedly related to the one that is suppose to come out tomorrow.

    You only have to be on the internet to get it. It is not necessarily through an email.

    Back to your question. I applied on line and received a call back within a few days. There was a miscommunication and I thought I would not qualify for the study but it turned out I did.

    The last I heard from them was in Feb(?), I need to reread my post. I have sent several emails to Dr. Ravindran but have not heard back.

    Like you I have kind of lost momentum but am planning on calling them in the next week, as I am really interested in doing this.

    Take care.

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