hey guys here is what i can recall about joseph brewer

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    the thing that really inpressed me with dr brewer was the 1st visit he spent 2 hrs with me and listned to me and answered all and any questions i had. very nice dr.
    i have gotten better since my 1st visit. i worked in the medical field (emergency room) and had became sick as can be in dec of 2000. i went from feeling good and active to on the floor and could not get up or think and hurt all over, i would get short of breath just going from the floor to the couch. i knew i had something wrong with my immune system so i went to my family doctor and had eppstien-barr titters checked and they were very high.
    long story short i made an appt to see dr brewer. he believed that i had activated the HH-6B virus. or muman herpes virus. i think we get HH-6A when we are young and build an immunity to it. he says the B-virus can hide and be dormant until i tried to be active then it became active and caused the blood to thicken, then after i had mowed the yard or ect; my body was way behind on getting oxygen in and toxin's out. so the next 2 to 4 days i was with bad fatigue and pain.
    made a lot of sense to me. he started me on heperin and immune care 64. i stayed on the course for about 2 years and got better, the shortness of breath was gone and my down days were much shorter and less severe.
    they did find a pituitary macroadenoma during an mri which causes me a lot of bad headaches.
    today i am on oxycontin for pain management and klonapin at bedtime and thats all. i help my dad in his business part time and get along pretty good compaired to 5 yrs ago.
    the only thing that saved me was my background in medicine, i had my pre-med courses done and 3 hrs short with a minor in chemistry. i kind of got a jump on treatment and knowing doctors in the right field.
    if i remember right dr brewer told me that a very high percentage of people do not get to a specialist for many years. family and personel dr's push them toward's the mental health field, in and out of institution's for manic depression.
    ihope this has helped some guys, any more questions let me know, are you all from kc mo area ?
    be well bill m