Hey guys Sorry, been gone awhile, but I've got a ?????

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    I know that we "ALL" suffer from extreme fatigue,(some of us worse than others!) Right now I take "Ritalin", (it's not just used for A.D.D., it's also used for the "opposite effect"). Even people with Narcolepsy take it!

    Anyway, I take 3-4 pills a day, and it's not working well anymore. Sometimes the fatigue is Sooooooo Bad, that I've even been known to have difficulty staying awake, if I'm driving long distances. And anymore, (usually in the mid-afternoon), I get extremely tired!!!

    I used to take "Provigal" a few years ago, but it didn't work. And I had insurance then, but I don't now. So my question is this... Does anyone know of something that would actually work better than "Ritalin", but NOT COST AN ARM AND A LEG???!!!???

    I'd really appreciate any information that you might have! Thanks alot,- You guys' really are "Terrific"!

    "GOD Bless",
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    Sorry Fibro-kel I am in the same boat, but I will bump you! Welcome back. God Bless you back! Tam
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    Hi Fibro-Kel,

    I am newly dd with CFS, FM, and restless leg synd. Truth be told I have been suffering from pain and extreme fatigue for years.

    My new doc say's the root of this terrible evil is lack of true restful sleep. I would suggest talking to your doc about doing a sleep study and trying to see if you can be rx'd Xyrem (I start the med month end and I can't wait).

    There have been a lot of post's on the board about this drug. It can't hurt to ask.

    Best wishes,