Hey guys what's up?? Georgia, Fight, Delores, and all

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    Just doing a in house check! LOL

    Haven't heard much since Fight and Hanging were parting with the banana spider.

    I'm struggling with another neck/headache again! Was up at 4 a.m.
    Been raining and raining here, my middle son just got home from bible camp, i was worried about him. The were having tornado warnings in the area he was at.

    Glad he's home. But he's really tired out. LOL tooo much fun.
    He told me the worship was awsume, like hearing that from a kid.
    There cabin counselor, some 60 year old retired pastor, was telling them "true" scary stories about a guy who ate his mother and other women!! Yuck!!
    He was afraid to take his Jackknife with him, i said, go ahead, it IS camp. I know we live in a crazy world but boys are still boys.
    As it turned out most of the boys had jacknifes so it was okydokey. They dug for fresh water clams, and whittled sticks for the camp fire roasts, and canoed. Too cold to swim.
    So what's up with the rest of you??

    One and all.

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    I hate it that you have such headaches. Does anything help them? I'm sure the barometric pressure has alot to do with them. I know it sure affects my fibro. Stormy weather called for today again, and I'm hurting badly. I'll survive. Does ice help your headaches? Are they more like tension headaches, or migraines?

    Fight is on a camping trip for 9 days. I think she left last evening. She was pretty excited about it. Thing is all the storms they had, it might be wet in the area. I hope she has a nice vacation. And no floods and tornados!

    Georgia, I'm doing another baby hat. I have 5 finished now, plus 1 that I gave to a friend. I want to try something else soon. I tried baby booties, but my two booties didn't look enough alike to suit me. The one I had the stitches looser than the other. Haha. Oh well, they were the very first ones I ever made. I'm learning.

    I must write a letter to a dear friend today. She's waiting for a reply to her last letter and I want to get that off to her. Also, I must make a trip to a nearby store to pick up a couple of items. I dread going out as the humidity is awful. I ordered a cooling neck wrap online and I want to try wearing that when I have to go out. I'm waiting for it to arrive, so I won't wear it today though.

    Georgia, I'm happy those spiders are in your garden, not mine :) I hope they stay there!

  3. morningsonshine

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    But sleep and play on youtube, i need to corral my youngest and work on his eye therapy.

    And wash laundry because i have to pack the two older boys back up so they can go out to ND with their Grandpa on Monday.

    Georgia, you can keep the spider, can't believe you touched it!! Very brave, i found a big brown spider in my bath tub today, the cat was watching it. I washed him down the drain!! (The spider not the cat!! LOL)

    The headaches alway start in my shoulder and neck and travel up to my neck, they don't go away until the neck and should pain calms down. Sometime i get Sensory overload with it also. It can very in the degree of intensity and length of time, but they are more frequent around my ovalation time, and PMS time. Hormone influctuations i guess??

    Sometimes, ice helps, sometimes bengay, or a shoulder rub, or advil, but sometimes nothing helps but time.

    The humidity is going on here also, probably from all the rain. My garden flooded out!! Yikes, we found cuk plants floating the other day.

    Take Care,
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    Hey Girl: Sometimes doing nothing productive, IS productive. Ya know what I mean? Rest and relaxation is healing.

    Those sound like tension headaches. I've had them many times , but none recently. My doctor has me put heat on my neck area, and ice on my forehead. I think I do that three or 4 times a day for 20 min. or so. Also, frequent warm showers. It's all about getting those darn muscles to relax. I'm sorry you must deal with those! Especially with small kids to care for. My mother always had such headaches when I was small.

    My daughter's family has a cat that kills and eats centipedes when there is one in the house. Now, that's a valuable cat, in my opinion! I'm not a cat lover especially, but one that catches mice and bugs is worth their weight in gold, in my humble opinion. ;~)

    How about Georgia touching that spider??? EEEEWWWW! Not me! I'd smash the thing!

  5. morningsonshine

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    I'm starting to feel abit better, and my husband and boy are going outside to light the bon-fire they have been making from cleaning up around the yard.

    (bunch of old slats, and boards, pallets, and tree limbs)

    Anyways my hubbys trying to light the propane torch to set the pile on fire, and in the back ground a light thunder storm starts rumbling just as the torch goes, Whoosh, as it comes on.
    Well both my son and i jump and duck at the same time and his hard head smashes me right in the face! WHAM!!

    Flattens my glasses right into my cheekbone, about knocks me down. I'm just spitten mad!! I yell at him, "What do you think your doing, that hurt!"

    Then i hightail it to the house before i say something in anger i will regret later. My husband is like nonchanautly, "Are you okay?"
    And i said, (before slamming the house door)"Like you really care!!"
    Getting hurt or scared makes me incredibly angry, don't know why just how i react. I know it's not fair! LOL

    So anyways i have a very light cut/scratch were the glasses hit my cheek bone, and a slight black eye, what's worse tho, is the jarr to my neck!!

    Yup, its the other side from my headache, now that side hurts, and i woke up this morning with a headache on the other side, and took an asprin went back to bed.

    And had lots of really, really weird dreams all mixed together.

    Just got up at 11:00 and we all missed church.
    I feel like someone beat up my whole body. My son apoligized and so did i.

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  6. doloresf1

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    I hope you are okay. Your son too! I would have ducked too. Too bad you both ducked in the same direction!

    Men can be sooo insensitive sometimes. And I'm sorry you missed church. I do hope your dh has a Happy Fathers Day.

    Hi Georgia: Did you and Mr. M go for that drive? It's an absolute beautiful day where I live. But, I really have nowhere to go, so I'm watching a ballgame on TV.

  7. morningsonshine

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    It does help doesn't it!

    I'm feeling okay, just really, really tired, and muscles hurt in neck and shoulder some. Probably should go to the chiropractor monday.

    My son was fine, didn't hurt him at all, kids have bowling balls for heads.

    We gave my husband a Fathers Day card this morning, i thought it was cute, they put a dollar in it!! LOL

    I've been messing around on my computor all afternoon trying to renew my anti-spy/anti virus software that expired.
    Finally got it done! Phew!

    The two older boys went up to there grandma's today, they were being wild, so it was a relief. They are spending the night my son has a dentist appointment in the morning where they live.
    So just me and the little one, he's playing with Farm Animals, remember those things??
    I wouldn't let him do any electronically games today, and guess what!! He really does know how to play!!!

    Gotta go,
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    My anti spyware has expired too. I had a free edition that a computer tech. installed for me when it was in the shop. I don't know how to renew it.

    I struggled last evening and again today trying to balance my checkbook. I cannot find the error. It's no big thing, just frustrating! I must call the bank tomorrow and find out if it's an error on my bank statement.

    I was only at a chiropactor a few times since I have fibro. Last time she hurt me and I told her so. She wouldn't give me any further appointments. Mostly I go to physical therapy. They are very good with my neck and headaches. I used to go to the chiropactor for siatica though. She was very good with that.

    Take care,
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    Sounds like his ungrateful sons ought to have a good shaking! I'm sorry for Mr. M.

    I hope my girls have called their Dad today, or visited him. They are very good about that, so I think they did.