hey im new n i dnt realy no wot 2 say

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    ok so this is like crazy wired.i dnt realy no wot 2 say. so did u no tht theres no websites bout cfs tht looks like its been done by a realy person its all this medical lookin stuff. i wish i cud make my own but i cnt do computers lol.i no i dnt make much scence n my spelling is bad. i no im ill but i had it so long its normal so i hurt more than most n i cn get more tyed but thts normal 2 me i dnt let it show in frount of ppl. im 18 n i have no idea wot im doin i thnk i mite need sum help i was doin realy good but lately not so mch, i dnt wona admite it 2 any1. i no i cn do it myself im a stong person n i dnt no why im doin this. i guess im lettin it all out n admiting 2 myself kinda like a diary. u all sound realy grown up im jst a kid. i dnt have mch family my friends r my family n i love them n i do normal stuff like go 2 gigs, party, dancing, hangin out, i have a job. my life is a fun 1 its normal on th outside. if i cn do all tht n if ppl i meet have no idea tht im ill y was it so hard 2 walk 2day y was i in so mch pain, n y is it so upsettin typin this. this feels so stupid. i dnt mean 2 write this it kinda jst came out.
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    glad you found us...this is not fun stuff to have but atleast you are plugging away...do whatever you can for as long as you can...

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    Welcome to the board! You can vent all you want here, all the stuff that bothers you with this disease that you can't talk to anyone else about- you can talk to us about!
    Or anything else for that matter!

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    I want to welcome you, and everyone here is very nice and understanding. I am sorry you are in so much pain and wish I could take some of it away for you as you should be out enjoying your life. We all should be.

    I hope you get some support from your family.
    And always feel welcome to post your feelings, concerns, questions, or even if you just want to vent and you will see we will all be here to give you as much support as we can.

    Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself.

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    Hi Welcome to the board. hope you find some good information to help you here.

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    Glad to have you here.Linda