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    Are you still doing pendulum work with Rosie? I had Crystal out last night and had a good session. I think I told you that Crystal works better when hung over my little crystal ball. She (I've decided it's a she) gets really excited sometimes and I can actually feel the electricity in the hand holding the chain. Also, the chain will jerk like it's electrified.

    Don't know whether I mentioned, that I wanted to know how long I will live; not everyone would want to know but I do. Strangely, around my birthday, Crystal adjusted for my having aged another year since asking last. Wow! That impressed me. I'm very happy with the time I have left, if Crystal is right. I really don't want to live into dotage.

    I know both Rosie and Crystal correctly predicted the 2008 presidential election. I asked for and got a prediction for 2016. I'll just have to wait 'n see. I've had reservations about going to Disney World in Oct. I just don't think I am up to it. Crystal told me not to go.

    I want to go to Italy with DD#1 one of these years. Crystal told me I would go. I want to see Paris again but Crystal told me I will not. This proves that it's not me controlling the pendulum because I want to see Paris again before I die. Crystal told me there was going to be trouble in Paris or France.

    Well, this got me to thinking about you and Rosie. I'm so thankful to you for all the info you provided to help me get into pendulum work.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes, Mikie, I still work with Roseann, I've asked about 2016 already and got some interesting replies...we'll see....I'd love to see Hillary as first woman Pres. but worry she's a bit too old and worn out and that job can do one in.

    I was going to post about a new discovery with Cinnamon I THINK. I've been taking and using more cinnamon lately and last night I took 375mg cap Full Spectrum Cinnamon and for the FIRST time in a long time I wasn't as worn out when I woke up. Had to be the cinnamon keeping blood sugar levels supported....

    I sleep good MOST nights, but wake up dragged out, so could be blood sugar dropping during sleep...and perhaps this cinnamon before bed will help my dragged out issues...

    I checked a lot online about cinnamon before bedtime and found a lot of hits.....Roseann was positive with cinnamon before bed and blood sugar levels...

    So I will continue with daily cinnamon and will take 1-2 caps before bed...time will tell. Now, I have to look for an organic cinnamon cap I believe....

    Good that you still have travel desires...I cannot imagine travelling anymore...body won't go....Mind could go but not body....just thinking of going to the airport and trying to pack for a trip, does me in....I stay away from crowds as best I can under my control, the more quiet is best for me....

    Good chatting about pendulum work, I still do muscle testing and one Mary taught me....

    This work isn't 100% correct, but it's interesting isn't it....I knew who would be President before it all happened.

    Take care and talk later. jam
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    Dear Jam,

    Sorry, I thought you called your crystal, "Rosie," instead of "Roseann."

    I'm glad your cinnamon is helping with blood sugar issues. I've never thought of taking it before bed.

    I don't like to travel. I hate flying. I would have driven to Orlando. My vehicle is 11 years old and, even though it's low mileage and in very good shape, it still worries me. I was planning on looking up all the AAA's certified mechanics along the route :) I decided not to go because tramping all around DW with high-energy DGS would probably do me in. He goes through different phases and often acts out, which is very exhausting to see. I love him but just can't take being around his behavior for three days in an amusement park.

    I'm flying to Denver in Dec. Fri. and Mon. are flying days; Sat. and Sun. are to be spent with my other kids. There are no direct flights so I always end up with at least a 3 hr. layover in Atlanta. Fortunately, I like the Atlanta airport so I usually just chill out with something to read and a snack. When I can, I upgrade to business for the long haul from Atlanta to Denver.

    I only asked who will win the presidency in 2016. I should ask more questions about who will run from the other party.

    Thanks again for your help.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, I'm glad my daughter and grandkids are close by, don't have to travel to see them....a good thing in my life. Seeing them tonight for my birthday dinner...kids go back to school next week, they are busy busy and dealing with their dad's death. They will be fine and I'll be gone and my daughter thankfully is holding it together for them. Long more story but I'll end it there...

    I didn't check about the "other party" as I don't care, it's not my party....none of them would be good in my world.

    Things have changed so much for me since I joined this group in 2006, and MOST related to hip replacement....grrrrrrrr

    Good that you can still go and drive as you do. I don't like to drive anymore and really can't drive for long distances anyway, so it's ok. One less person on the crazy roads...

    Take care. jam
  5. Mikie

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    Dear Jam, I'm so sorry about your DGC's father's death. I didn't know. My prayers are with your family.

    Love, Mikie